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Do.Main bakery @ Tanjong Katong – Bon Appetit!

Do.Main bakery @ Tanjong Katong – Bon Appetit! 

Do main Bakery 1

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Do.Main bakery – the French bakery cafe helmed by French pastry Chef Fredric Deshayes who apprenticed at Lenôtre Paris, opened the first Lenôtre boutique in Seoul,work with Pierre Hermé and Christophe Michalak in Plaza Athénée. He also spent several years teaching in Le cordon Bleu Paris and At Sunrice, Singapore.

Do main Bakery 2

The Story Behind The Name Do.Main Bakery

Playing with the words “Do. = Dough” which is the foundation of the products here and “Main” which means “Hands” in French, Do.Main Bakery pays tribute to the two most important basic main elements in baking.

“DoMain” also refers to a prominent place or home and “Do” is about making whilst “Main” is about being the core. Do.Main Bakery is a place where Chef Freddo does his work of art using dough as the main ingredient to make the products by hand here.

Do main Bakery 16

Do.Main Bakery joined the many eateries along the stretch of Tanjong Katong Road, the setting is simple and comfortable, big see-through glass panel allows you a full glance of all the activities going on in the kitchen. Take a closer look and you will realise there is no stove or induction cooker in the kitchen, all food arriving on your table are all oven-baked, amazing right?

Baker’s Pizza “Thin Crust”

Do main Bakery 3

The crust was bread base and soft with slight crisp exteriorly, something unique and we all like it if compared to those pizzas from those pizza chains.

 “Tartiflette” baked rate potatoes with Reblochon Cheese and bacon $16

 Do main Bakery 9

Reblochon cheese is soft and has a nutty taste, it is an essential ingredient of Tartiflette, with the cream, potatoes, bacon and onions, this simple oven-baked dish was alluring and a hightlight of the night.

Cassolette of Bourguignon snails, TomatoFondue and toasted bread $16

 Do main Bakery 11

This escargot was presented on a bed of tomato fondue with herb and pareslry butter  flavoured seasoning. Do i need to elaborate further the palatability of this amphibious creature?

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Octopus Romesco salad on Sourdough toast bread $15

 Do main Bakery 5

The sour dough toast bread was a good match with the Octopus Romesco salad, simple and unpretentious.

Charcuterie platter: Duck pistachio pates, pork rillettes $20

 Do main Bakery 7

Charcuterie Platter of duck & pistachio pate, pork rilette and Kurobuta ham with assorted artisanal breads, go with a good wine and you will probably finding yourselves in nirvana.

Kurobuta Ham, assorted artisanal breads
Do main Bakery 6

If you are a bread lover, probably you will realise the bread from Do.Main Bakery was made of top grade bread flour, the bread fragrance was deeply embedded in the dough.

Broken egg with cream and bacon $15

 Do main Bakery 12

Perfectly cooked semi runny eggs with cream and bacon served with mouillettes, home comfy and savory dish that is fulfilling.

Special soup of the day – pumpkin soup $6.50

 Do main Bakery 4

Thick soup with onion and ham, unique soup to give you a fresh start.

Vegetarian lasagna $14
Do main Bakery 10

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There is plenty of heartiness in this vegetable lasagna, in between the layer of homemade lasagna sheets are cheese and sauces to give a rich and flavourful to excite the tastebuds.

Lemon cream tart $5

 Do main Bakery 13

Nice lemon tart with well balance in lime taste and tart flavour, simple and  satifafying,  a perennial favourite of us.

Eclairs salted caramel or chocolate $5

 Do main Bakery 14

The Eclairs crust was not the melt-in-your-mouth texture that we accustomed to from most of the pastry shops. If you like the “bite feel”, you will probably love the Eclairs here. Not overly sweet and savory.

Royale chocolate cake $8

 Do main Bakery 17

We are dreadful of pastries saturated with sugar and allows the sweetness to mask the original flavour of the cake. Fortunately, Royale chocolate cake here was nicely baked and not excessive sweet to make you worry about the waistline. Rich and savoury chocolate is a welcoming dessert for the night.

Our verdict:

Do.Main Bakery brings the French boulangerie and patisserie with quality ingredients from France in one place. From offering the authentic French breads and pastries baguettes to dessert pastries and baked meal. The culinary baking skills and the commitment to apply authentic production techniques and use of quality ingredients to create products somehow win our hearts over.  Bon Appetit!

#Thanks Jenny for the invitation.

Do.Main Bakery

Add: 226 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437015

Tel: 6348 1406

Hrs: 8am – 9:30pm (Tues – Thurs); 8am – 10:30pm (Fri – Sun). Closed on Mondays.

Web: http://www.do-mainbakery.com


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