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Dive into a Bowl of Possibilities at the first Donburi Revolution in Singapore

Dive into a Bowl of Possibilities at the first Donburi Revolution in Singapore

Singapore’s very first DIY Donburi Event is here! The inaugural Donburi Revolution 2018, organized by WAttention Co., Ltd, aims to educate and encourage more to experience the deliciousness of Japanese rice from various Japanese prefectures. Held at Marina Square’s Central Atrium from 19 to 21 October, Donburi Revolution will bring the concept of rice tasting to Singapore with a scoop of fun. Families, and anyone who loves rice and Japanese food can get to sample rice and create their own original donburi by picking their favourite toppings from topping booths manned by various well-known Japanese restaurants.

Visitors who pre-register online can get to redeem a free bowl of rice at the event grounds, while visitors can also choose to purchase rice on-the-spot during the event.

In addition to topping booths, a range of booths and activities are in store for visitors of all ages to entertain, engage and showcase the best of everything rice-related. From cooking demonstrations to onigiri-making workshops and even a travel booth, enjoy a weekend of tasty fun at Donburi Revolution.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Create your own original donburi

Visitors can choose to pre-register online to redeem a free bowl of Japanese rice, or purchase a bowl of rice ($2 per bowl) at the entrance of the event to embark on their D.I.Y Donburi adventure. Let the imagination and tastebuds run wild as six topping booths, manned by restaurants including TEPPEI and Keisuke, will offer a variety of ingredients. Options include tempura, curry, unagi, chicken and beef, ranging from $2 onwards per serving, will be available for sale at the topping booths, as visitors create their own donburi masterpieces.

Limited servings of rice are available on-site each day with rice from a different prefecture featured per day. More details are available in Annex A.

Visitors can also take part in WAttention’s “Name Your Donburi” Instagram contest and stand to win a 300g Japanese rice packet when they upload pictures of their donburi.

  • Workshops, demonstrations and more activities for everyone

Complete the weekend with entertainment and family bonding activities at Donburi Revolution. ABC Cooking Studio will be conducting Temari Sushi and Onigiri workshops at selected hours during the event days. Suitable for both adults and kids, visitors can try their hands at making these rice treats. Details of the workshops will be announced on the official website closer to date. Live rice cooking demonstrations will also be held, using the latest rice cookers and equipment by Hitachi, and visitors will get to sample the rice thereafter.

“Rice is a staple food for most Singaporeans. There has also been a steady increase in demand for premium Japanese rice here, especially over the last 10 years. Well-travelled diners are also recognizing that Japanese rice from different provinces have different characteristics. As rice tasting is not common here, we hope that through Donburi Revolution, everyone can dive into a bowl of possibilities with us, and have fun while learning more about Japanese rice,” said Yasuko Suzuki, CEO & Founder of WAttention Co., Ltd.

The Donburi Revolution 2018 will open from 11am to 9pm from 19 to 21 October. For more details and to pre-register, check out:

Donburi Revolution

Venue: Central Atrium, Marina Square
Dates: October 19 – October 21, 2018
Time: 11am to 9pm
Admission is free


For media enquiries, please contact:

Asia PR Werkz

Lim Wee Ling
+65 9768 6827


Jacalyn Chua
+65 9723 7177


Annex A: Make your own Donburi

Featured Rice of the Day

  • 19 October – Rice from Niigata
  • 20 October – Rice from Iwate
  • 21 October – Rice from Hokkaido

Topping Booths manned by

  1. TEPPEI Group (2 booths)
    a. Unatama Don (Eel and egg)
    b. Stamina Don (Beef slices, gyusuji, minced chicken meat)
  2.  Omote (previously known as Sushiro): Gyu Don (Beef)
  3. kokonoE Kitchen Stage: Curry and Egg Don (Curry, Egg)
  4. Keisuke Group: Ten Don (Tempura)
  5. Shimada Seimen Shokudo x SNAFFLES : Roast Beef Don (Roast Beef)

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