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Ding Tele Review @ Kovan

Ding Tele Review @ Kovan 鼎特乐上海生煎包

The evening along the Upper Serangoon road near to Kovan MRT is always vibrant with all the eateries around, we were swanning around to pick a choice and decided to try Ding Tele – a Shanghainese restaurant right next to the famous Qi Wei Ji Bao 奇味雞煲 (will visit them soon with the seemingly overwhelming response by the crowd).

Ding Tele 鼎特乐 is popular with their sheng jian bao 生煎包 and noodles.

Signature pan-fried crispy pork soup buns $4.8 for 4

Dingtele 2

The buns were pan-fried with a slight char on the skin. My first bite was an embarrassing muddle with the juice bursting and squirting all over the table! So beware when dealing with this bun! The juicy soup was further boosted with the flavour-filled pork filling. A nice bun that lives up to be the signature dish here.

Dingtele 4

Shanghai deep-fried spare ribs $6.5

Dingtele 5

The ribs was encased in a crispy coating but the missing malleable texture and the strong porky smell were big drawbacks of this dish.

Signature steamed pork and soup bun $4.8 小笼包

Dingtele 6

Packed with juices and the similar pork filling used in the pan-fried bun, the texture of the bun skin could be more refined in terms of the thickness and softness – a key factor of a good Xiao Long bao 小笼包.

Wheat gluten & shiitake mushroom $4.5

Dingtele 1

A cold dish served with black fungus, shredded bamboo shoots, shiitake mushroom, peanut and wheat gluten or “mien jing”. The wheat gluten was too firm and hard, seasoning was more towards the sweet side, an ordinary appetizer in our opinion.

Oriental wontons with black vinegar & chili oil $6.8

Dingtele 9

The overall seasoning was just too mild and lacked of the expected tartness and spiciness.

Dried shrimp & pork with preserved Szechuan pickle wonton in soup $6.0

Dingtele 7

Ordinary and nothing to shout about.

Noodles with soy & scallion oil $5.0

Dingtele 3

A bowl of “pale” looking noodles and we were skeptical of how good it could be judging from the presentation. The noodles were topped with dried shrimp and spring onion (fried till completely black colour!). Surprisingly, the noodles turned out a hit with its remarkable noodle texture and seasoning. Highly recommended dish.

Our verdict 

On the whole, there are some duds in the dishes we ordered. However, some are seriously packed with substance and worth trying especially the Signature pan-fried crispy pork soup buns and the Noodles with soy & scallion oil.

no gst, no service charge.

DingTele 鼎特乐

A: 949 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534713

T: +65 6282 4380

H: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm daily

W: https://www.facebook.com/dingtele.sh/


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