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Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen @ Marine Parade

Diamond kitchen

We went for some of the dishes that recommended by the Media’s and highly raved about from the reviews, believing it should not go wrong; well….we just have a different opinion after the meal.

Salted Egg Chicken $21.0 (M)

Diamond kitchen Salted Egg Chicken

Chicken chunks were coated with salted egg and deep fried; fragrance of salted egg was present but not evidences enough that can stir up the controversy if this is a good executed dish. We prefer the chicken are doused with additional salted egg yolk sauce to create some moist and provide the dish with another dimension of taste away from the monotonous texture of the dried chicken chunks.

Gan Xiang Fried Rice $15.0 (M)

Diamond kitchen Gan Xiang Fried Rice

It is a sambal fried rice indeed, one of the better dishes we had for the dinner.

Superior Stock Clam $21.0 (M)

Diamond kitchen Superior Stock Clam

It has lots of lala or clam went into the cooking the stock and added the much needed seafood sweetness to the dish, however, relies on seafood along may not be sufficient to lift up the savoury flavour, we sensed the missing aroma of the sinful lard present in the broth, wow effect? Sorry to say it is not quite there.

Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam $24.0

Diamond kitchen Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam

Unfortunately the bamboo clam was rubbery result from the overcooking, the clam supposedly the star and if the star already lost its shine, what else you can expect from the rest?

Superior Chicken Soup $20.0

Diamond kitchen Superior Chicken Soup

The mushroom was simmered with chicken to produce a bowl of broth that was supposedly subtle in taste, however, what showcased in the pot neither could not discern the flavour nor able to convince the gastronomy hanging for more. The flavour was just not pronounced enough to make our day.

Three Eggs Chinese Spinach $12.0

Diamond kitchen Three Eggs Chinese Spinach

Most of the dishes here so far are ordinary and no exception with this dish, what disappointed us most was the low quality salted egg used and the overly starchy gravy that unable for one to appreciate the flavour of the different eggs infused in this dish.

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf $10.0

Diamond kitchen Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf

The sambal is not distinctive coupled with the lacklustre seasoning have inevitably created some duds, we are not impressed.

Diamond Kitchen Verdict :

Be it the media recommendations or our own choices, most of the dishes are ordinary and lack of the wow effects that we are looking for. Although the service was excellent but food wise there is a lot more work required at Diamond Kitchen to make the dishes more alluring to the taste buds.

Diamond Kitchen Details :

Address: 5000F Marine Parade Road, #01-22/23 Singapore 449289 (inside Laguna Park Condominium)
Phone : 6448 0629
Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 11pm


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