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D’Good Café @ Singapore

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Looking like a treehouse on the inside, D’Good Café has 4 different themes, mainly the Bar, the Lawn, the Attic and the Balcony. The Bar which is located on the second floor, is where you place your orders and have a chance to take a whiff of the coffee aroma enveloping the area while watching your baristas in action. Signature white swings that are overlooking the main street and a woody and earthy theme are what the Lawn is made up of.

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For those that like alfresco dining, you can do so on the Balcony which is located on the rooftop (romantic dinner date location, maybe?). For families with kids, the Attic would be the perfect kid friendly area with movable chairs, beanbags and tables.


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D’Good Café is famous for its coffee with the tagline “Blend & Brew the way you like it”, you can create your own coffee blend from a range of single origin beans and name your own coffee blend. Talking so much about coffee but… sorry….coffee is just not my cup of tea…..ok…..is not my cup of coffee.

Baked Pesto Chicken Pasta ($14)

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Pasta tossed in light creamy pesto and chunks of baked chicken breast makes this a healthy option; overall dish was slightly on the bland side.

Fresh Sea Prawn Arrabbiata Pasta ($16)

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The prawns certainly lived up to the name, but the arrabbiata sauce was a quite the disappointment as it was neither spicy nor flavourful.

Earl Grey Lavender Milk Tea ($7)

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Fragrant and thick, one can clearly taste the essence of the earl grey and lavender. This was quite the unique and refreshing option. This drink may not be suitable for some as my friend commented that it left a weird aftertaste. (Although it was entirely fine with me)

Cheesecake ($8.50)

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Extremely huge portion, this is perfect for sharing! The cheesecake was light with a buttery biscuit crust at the bottom which we fancied, and we loved the burnt top too.

Matcha Lava Cake ($5 + $3 for additional scoop of gelato)

D Good cafe 8

Perfect for the sweet toothed, and you’re definitely guaranteed lava oozing out from the centre.

All in all, you might want to visit D’Good Café for the ambience; the mains we tried may not be too satisfying overall and may be not their forte. Might drop by again to give other desserts a shot!

D’Good Café

Add: 273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992

Tel: 6219 9807

Hrs: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm

Email: whatsbrewing@dgoodcafe.com

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