Desserts @ Malaysia Food Street

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Desserts @ Malaysia Food Street

If someone has a sweet tooth, desserts are something they will die for, this is especially truth for the ladies, I meant my two ladies – the Queen and the princess at home. A meal without some desserts cannot be seen as complete, and dessert hunting has inevitable becoming part of the routine in our food trail.

There are copious varieties of desserts available here to spoil your choice. You can be 99% sure to find at least one dessert stall in any of the food court, hawker centre, not to mention new dessert shops spouting out everywhere in Singapore.

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Desserts @ Malaysia Food Street

Real good desserts are the rare species; we are extremely exultant when we found this dessert stall in the Malaysia Food Street at Universal Studio Sentosa. Honestly, our stomach capacity already being stretched to quite a limit from the good food here, however, the desserts are simply too seductive and tantalizing, you will lure into the mesmerism by the sinfully sweet stuff and the pitiful bloated belly just have to compromise with the extra squeezed.

Both the chendol and the bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) were very good, we like the chendol with snow flake like of ice and not those coarse ice grit that most of the stalls produced, in fact, fine snow flake ice is one of the most important elements in a cold good dessert, however, most of the dessert owner seems to neglect this critical factor. The ingredients of soft red bean as well as the soft “green noodles” were exemplary. The red bean used was not the Aduki bean – A small deep red bean but the much larger, kidney shaped deep reddish Kidney bean, and this bean has a much soft and nice texture if properly cooked.

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Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice) was cooked for hours to allow the starch fully dissolved into the bubur (porridge) and turned the rice into a soft and smooth bowl of delicacy, topped with the coconut milk, it really make a heart-warming dessert for the day.


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Desserts @ Malaysia Food Street

Address: Resort Sentosa Universal Studio

Malaysia Food Street

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