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Curry & Curry

Curry & Curry @ Hougang – Good Fish Head

Curry & curry 1

The name of the restaurant already well reflecting what is their specialty, on the wall, media accolades and Makansutra highly praised on the claypot curry fish head apparently help to bring in the crowd.

We were there at 7.30pm and both the indoor and outdoor sitting already packed with diners, we waited for an hour to have the first dish served, most dishes are priced reasonably and closely matched the nearby popular Nakhon Kitchen, may be one of the reasons the attraction of the queue.

Curry & Curry offers the Peranakan dishes and a wide array of choices but not many are in fact curry or curry-infused dishes.

Curry Red Snapper Fish head $22 to $24

 Curry & curry 3

At Curry & Curry, it is almost no brainer for the customer to order of the curry fish head, the piping hot claypot curry fish head was seen on almost every table a clear sigh of its popularity.

The fish head was huge and meaty, definitely worth the value for the price we paid. The fish head was served in the claypot and the bubbling gravy was tangy and delectable; complement well the freshness of the fish head. The curry was not fiercely hot and in fact quite mild to our standard, doused the curry over the rice has never be more fulfilling. A dish highly recommended by all of us.

Rendang Chicken $6

Curry & curry 4

Somehow the Rendang Chicken was tasted succulent in our first visit than in our second visit two weeks later. Rendang by nature is rich in aroma with the flavour from the spices, Curry & Curry is not stingy in the seasoning and that help to lift the overall tastiness of the tenderly chicken.

Bitter Gourd with eggs & Dried Scallop $6

Curry & curry 2

fried with eggs and topped with the dried scallop. Taste of home cooked flavour that is simple but surprisingly delicious.

Stir fry Sambal Kang Kong $6

Curry & curry 9

It was much missing the needed punch from the Sambal and too ordinary to our liking.

Preserved Radish Egg $6

Curry & curry 5

Cooked with the chye poh (sweet dried radish), a dish well liked by the kids for its eggy aroma and the sweetness from the chye poh.

Minced Chinese Spinach $6

Curry & curry 6

Spinach topped with the hard boiled eggs, an interesting combination indeed but may be done so just to enhance the aesthetic of the plating. The real McCoy is adamantly with the veggies which were tastefully done.

Shrimp paste mild joint chicken wings $8

Curry & curry 7

Exterior was crispy but the deep fried chicken wings could be better seasoned to allow the flavour better absorbed by the meat.

Pork chop $8

Curry & curry 8

We planned to order their popular Otah but ran out of stocks and had to settle with the pork chop, however, it was a mediocre and we regretted of ordering it.

Curry & Curry Our verdict:food -Curry fish head

Curry fish head is their signature here, besides the flavoursome spices, the price is fairly reasonable for a full fish head and one of the dishes you should not missed at Curry & Curry. Other dishes worthwhile to explore include the fried bitter gourd with eggs, Rendang Chicken.

Curry & Curry

Add: Blk 203 Hougang Street 21, #01-45,  Singapore 530202

Hours: 11.30am – 8.30pm Closed on Mondays

Telephone: +65 81219561


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