Crepes and Puffs

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Crepes and Puffs

Crepes and Puffs @ Changi Village is your classic confectionary with a twist, not something you’re used to seeing at this part of the island.

If you’re thinking that you’ll find the traditional multi-layer crepes spread with jams/chocolate, think again. This new kid on the block offers miniature thin crepe rolls that encase a variety of fresh fruit fillings. Bite into the crepe roll to find morsels of durian/ mango/ kiwi/ strawberry sandwiched in cream and buried under a layer of fluffy sponge cake.

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Crepes and Puffs

We came to know of this shop on one of our food hunts on this part of the island. As usual, my teenage princess spotted the shop and insisted to venture in to satisfy her dessert cravings. She has a huge sweet tooth and desserts are simply too powerful a magnet that even me being a direct opposite, boasting a polarity of penchant for for all things savory proves useless to repel her from the allure of the dessert shop. Of course, we ended up in Crepes and Puffs.


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We ordered the Durian crepes, Mango crepes and puffs with durian and custard. Both Durian and Mango crepes were soft with fillings that were fresh and of good quality. The sponge cake that lined the inner part of the roll was soft and light and wasn’t over sweet. The bite size durian puffs were equally satisfying with the light texture of the puffs and a filling that hit the right balance of durian and custard.

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This dessert cafe in Changi Village exudes an unpretentious,quiet and homely charm, making this a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the likes of Raffles Place/Orchard Road. Enjoying the delightful crepes and puffs while sipping a cup of well brewed coffee in this quaint homely cafe is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Crepes and Puffs

Address: 4 Changi Village #01-2080, Singapore 500004

Telephone: 6542 2523



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