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ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant @ Kitchener Road

ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant

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Cơm tấm or broken rice is a Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured rice grains. Tấm refers to the broken rice grains, while cơm refers to cooked rice according to Wikipedia.

ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant originated in Geylang specialised in Vietnamese food and relocated to Kitchener road early of the year with an expanded menu including the Thai and local delights. (Note: The main signboard has not updated to Com tam Asian Delicacies and remains as Sukhothai Kitchen)

ComTam 1

“Daddy, you sure there is something that I like?” My son YuSen fretted out his fears that there was nothing to please his appetite since he has little exposure to Vietnamese food before.

“I want to eat my curry rice at the next street if nothing that I like.” he imposed the condition.

“Ok..ok..” reluctantly we compromised with him but hope there is something to implore him to swing his perception.

ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant is prominently located at the corner of shophouse along the Kitchener road, the place is non air-conditioned but airy and comfortable, at mid day, we don’t feel the heat or stuffiness at all.

ComTam 2

Chef  Vit Sheng introduced us some of the signature dishes.

Mango salad $10.90

 ComTam 3

Green shredded mango mixed with typical Thai chili, Cashew nuts, prawn, laska leaves and marinated with fish sauce. A good refreshing starter to start the meal.

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Omelette with minced pork

 ComTam 6

Knowing my son loves eggs and to appease him with the food here, we specially ordered the omelette and hope the dish can help to ease his perturbation.

The Fluffy omelette was cooked with minced pork, is it good?

“Wow…damn good.” Seeing my son fell in love with his favourite, the angst was instantly diminished.

 Crispy Duck $16.90

 ComTam 5

Deep fried crispy skin was additive and we can’t stop digging in, though slightly to the saltier side but the meat was flavoursome, you can dip into the dipping sauce to add some zing to the taste. However, we were prefer the origin taste.

Spare ribs $15.90

 ComTam 12

Sweet and savoury though some of the ribs required some work on the jaws to rip apart the meat from the bone. Explained the chef that in ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant, the chefs are forbidden to use any tenderizer and chemical to artificially enhance the texture. This is to ensure the conformance of the company’s guiding principles of providing a heartier food. That sound good to us.

ComTam 13

Prawn glass noodles $24.90

 ComTam 10

Although the vermicelli may not as tasty as using crab as the main ingredients, it was still a pleasantly nice dish worth to try. We like the texture of the vermicelli and its slightly peppery flavoured. The prawn was fresh and perfectly cooked.

ComTam 11

Pineapple rice $13.90

 ComTam 14

Most of the pineapple rice are fairly ordinary and don’t left you with any impression. The pineapple rice from ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant is definitely a notch higher in standard. Turmeric was added to enhance the rice fragrance with sweet fresh pineapple and other ingredients to enhance the flavour; it was another dish that excited my son taste buds. He wolfed down the majority share of the dish.

Batang with Thai sauce (new dish)

 ComTam 7

The batang fish was deep fried and topped with the traditional Thai sweet sauce and some fresh shredded green. The deep fried fish soaked up the sauce and fully encapsulated the mildly spiciness, sourness and sweetness flavour. It would be more appealing to the taste if the fresh green topping could be replaced by the mango salad to add on the extra zestfulness. Overall it was still a delectable dish.

ComTam 8

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Belachan Kangkong $9.90

 ComTam 9

No the usual sambal KangKong cos’ there was no sambal in the concoction but belachan. You can taste the mild spiciness from the belachan but really nothing too excited.

Chicken with cashew nuts $11.90

 ComTam 4

Small chicken chunk was deep fried to attain a nice crispiness but retained the tenderness internally, fried with capsicum, nuts etc with good seasoning for a flavourful taste. We all love it.

Our Verdict:

“DiDi, are you still craving for your curry rice?” I wittingly asked my son.

“I am damn full now!” Nothing to our surprise knowing he was fully adored the food here and so do all of us.

Overall, ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant is a place provides you delicious and yet healthier food. We are pleased with the dishes for its profusion of exotic quintessential Thai aroma.

Hang on….the restaurant supposes specialized in Vietnamese food but all the above seems to be centred around Thai dishes. Anyway, before we can explore further to more dishes, our stomachs have left with no room to accommodate for more food, we just have to give the Vietnamese dishes amiss this round.

Looks like another trip here is inevitable – for the real mascot of the restaurant.

Note: thanks ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant for the invitation.

ComTam Vietnamese Restaurant / ComTam Asian Delicacies (under ComTam Vietnam Pte Ltd)

Add: 159-161 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208530


Mon – Sat 11.30am to 4am, Sun & PH – 12noon to 11pm





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