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Collective Brewers @ Changi

Collective Brewers @ Changi

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Nested in one of the shop houses along Changi road, Collective Brewers supposes good for the coffee but we are not so much of the coffee goers so better left it to the experts. Coffee is out of our jurisdiction and we stick to our competence on food.

Lap Cheong Aglio Olio $15

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Sautéed garlic, chili flakes and olive oil with linguine, alongside wilted spinach, shiitake mushrooms and smoked Chinese sausage. Collective Brewers may try hard to inject some uniqueness into the dish but the lap cheong or Chinese sausage didn’t see eye to eye with the Aglio Olio, the forced fit combination was just not in harmony.

Rendang Grilled Cheese Sandwich $16

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Signature slow cooked beef rendang with melted provolone and chedder cheese on brioche. The rendang undeniably cooked for a long period of time, chunks of meat simmered in spices till its malleable and stunningly tender, it was mild sweet and giving it a variation in texture that is very pleasant, however, the taste could be more robust to enliven the zestfulness.

Truffle Fries $10

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Truffle fries with Parmesan, Italian Parsley and Truffle Aioli, the truffle was sadly not noticeable and further hampered by the insipid fries, can’t Collective Brewers source for a tastier fries than settled with something so featureless and caused a big disappointment to everyone of us?

Grilled Truffle Mushroom $10

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The truffle mushrooms fell into the same ill fated as the truffle fries. Somehow we have a big double on the truffle oil, why the supposedly aromatic oil losses all its charm?

Egg Benedict $12

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Salmon on English muffin, topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise and salad. Decent and hardly can go wrong dish.

Tom Yam Prawn Pasta $16

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Medley of sautéed prawns with capsicum, enoki mushrooms and spaghetti in a creamy Tom Yam sauce. This is another East meets West cuisine, pasta mixed with the Tom Yam created a bold and refreshing sour with spicy flavour  that are creamy and compelling.

Milk & Cookies

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Aesthetically pleasing but a run of the mill dessert.

Collective Brewers Verdict :

Collective Brewers serves up a unique opportunity for dinners to get acquainted with western food in both traditional and contemporary ways, the outlanders dishes are blend to defiant the stereotype and featuring an array of different dining experiences. It is ready a matter how far your acquiring taste can go.

Collective Brewers Cafe Details :

Address: 301 Changi Road, Singapore 419779
Operating Hours: Tues – Fri 11am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 10pm, Monday closed
Telephone: 6635 7455


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