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Coconut Icy Shake – Xiang Yu Icy House

Coconut Icy Shake – Xiang Yu Icy House  @ Far East

Xiang Yu Icy House

“相遇”, the shop name, originates from how Ms Vivian Yeo, the owner, envisions this place to be a meeting place for people to enjoy her freshly crafted beverages. Xiang Yu Icy House, taking over what used to be Sweet Talk, is situated just right in front of Far East Plaza and offers a wide range of icy blended drinks and artisan ice cream.

Unlike the usual bubble tea shops, Xiang Yu specializes in coconut icy blended beverages like Coconut Milk Tea, Coconut Mocha, Coconut Cappuccino and many more. Being a Malaysian with a Singapore Husband, Yeo decided to bring in this concept from Malacca. Additionally, she hopes that her customers will be get to enjoy the health benefits of coconut used in her signature drinks.

We tried a variety of their drinks : Avocado Icy Shake, Xiang Yu Icy Shake, Coconut Milk Tea and a Coconut Mocha. Their drinks come in 2 sizes with an optional choice of other add-ons like their “Pop Pop Balls” or even a scoop of their signature coconut ice cream a la ice cream float style.

Xiang Yu Icy House

Xiang Yu Coconut Icy Shake, their signature item, is made by blending with ice a smooth, light and creamy coconut ice cream made using young coconuts. We were recommended to get it at 50% sugar level (there are only 2 levels available – 50% and 100%) with an additional scoop of coconut ice cream on top and it definitely didn’t let us down. With finely blended ice, it was light, refreshing and smooth with a slight coconut aftertaste. Definitely a top pick to cool down in Singapore’s hot weather!

Xiang Yu Icy House

Another one of their recommended blended drinks is the Coconut Mocha, an ice blended beverage blended with their coconut ice cream. Do not be turned off by the name for the combination works! The coconut ice cream lends a smooth aftertaste and wasn’t overpowering. At 50% sugar level, it wasn’t overly sweet and had notes of chocolate and coffee. Those who prefer a more intense coffee flavor can opt for their Coconut Cappuccino instead.

Xiang Yu Icy House

Besides their Icy Blended Beverages, they have a great range of artisan ice creams too. All artisan ice creams come in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) with the option of additional toppings. To add to the mix, they have some unique flavors like a bright pink and baby blue colored Bubblegum. For the purists, there is also a Golden Vanilla flavor.

We had a Cookies & Cream (Classic, Small) and a Rocky Road (Premium, Small). I loved how the ice cream wasn’t overly sweet or jelat. Out of the two, our vote went to the Rocky Road flavor with its rich, creamy and velvety texture. I would have enjoyed it more if it had more fillings (nuts and marshmallows) though.

Xiang Yu Icy House
Xiang Yu Icy House

Xiang Yu Icy House

These are their top 5 best selling items. For a lighter option, try their Mango Sorbet Icy Shake or the Avocado Icy Shake. Their Avocado Icy Shake is made by blending avocado purée with ice and is a great hit with the Filipinos. For those who are used to a 50% sugar level for other drinks, I would recommend getting a 100% for this as the avocado isn’t sweet in itself.

Xiang Yu Icy House
Xiang Yu Icy House
Check out their full menu here!

Coconut Icy Shake – Xiang Yu Icy House  Verdict :

With over 30 flavors of icy blended drinks including interesting artisan ice cream flavors, your taste buds will never be bored! Mix and match flavors and toppings to up your drink game 😉 All their drinks can be topped off with their coconut ice cream or even your choice of artisan ice cream. (subject to additional charges)

Coconut Icy Shake – Xiang Yu Icy House  Details :

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #01-14C Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213 (In front of Far East Plaza), Singapore 228213
Phone :9774 3139
Operating hours : 9.30am-10.30pm

Note: Thanks,  Xiang Yu Icy House for the invite.

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