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Ciel Patisserie cafe @ Hougang – Taking a slice of heaven

Ciel Patisserie café @ Hougang – Taking a slice of heaven

Ciel means sky/heaven in French, and the reason why Ciel Patisserie had its name was because the patissier (Ms Chara Lam) wanted each bite of her desserts to be akin to her customers taking a bite of heaven.

Ciel Patisserie 5

Given how this café has a French name, you can be sure to expect plenty of delicacies crafted using the French and European techniques that Chara learnt at renowned French Culinary Arts School, Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

Ciel Patisserie 1

The entire café was painted white and donned with frames featuring pictures of French desserts. With wooden furniture used, this entire match brought a modern classy cottage feel to the café.

Ciel Patisserie 4

Being situated in a quiet neighbourhood with soothing music playing in the background, it was no wonder there were people sipping on their coffee, taking a bite of their dessert whilst reading the newspaper.

Ciel Patisserie 6

Scarlet ($5.60)

Ciel Patisserie 8

An extremely light cheesecake with a layer of tangy strawberry jelly in the centre for a mix of flavours. With a thick buttery digestive biscuit base, this was definitely my brother’s favourite (which was clearly evident how he finished it in 5 mouthfuls).

Lemon Meringue Tart ($4.20)

Ciel Patisserie 7

The tart was crispy and light, a fork could cut through it with ease! A little pity the lemon curd wasn’t as tangy as we would’ve liked it.

Ciel Patisserie 3

Strawberry shortcake ($5.60)

Ciel Patisserie 9

My brother was to blame for his insistence only for his strawberry cake. Nothing fancy, although the sponge cake was fluffy, light and not too sweet. We recommend giving this a pass!

Bombe ($5.80)

Ciel Patisserie 2


Packed with thick chocolate goodness, this was indeed the bomb. Not for the sweet toothed as it was on the bitter side with a bit of raisins to give the occasional ooze of tanginess when you bite into it. We were full after a couple of mouthfuls! My dad loves dark chocolate and this was a hit for him.

As a whole, Ciel Patisserie serves decent desserts although nothing particularly blew us away other than the Scarlet cheesecake.


Ciel Patisserie café @ Hougang – Taking a slice of heaven

Add: 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1444 Singapore 530124

Hrs: Tues – Thurs 11am to 8pm Fri – Sat 11am to 9pm Sun 3pm to 9pm Closed on Mondays

Tel: (+65) 6383 0803

EM: /



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