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Ci Wen Vegetarian – impressively delicious 慈云素食

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Ci Wen Vegetarian – Impressively delicious 慈云素

We had tried once at this stall few months ago and kind of like their vegetarian oyster omelette, so we decided to make our second trip here again to make a full assessment of the food here.

Ci Wen signature dishes are Chicken Rice, carrot cake and the fried oyster omelette which can’t be missed from the review. On top of the three, we ordered the mee hoon with dishes and kway chap.

Chicken Rice

Can you imaging the taste of Chicken rice cooked without the chicken stock? How vegetarian chicken rice taste like and what wonder can be done to create a flavourful rice that simulate the nerve to accept a chicken rice that missing the chicken stock aroma? Challenging …

ci wen vegetarian 1

The “chicken” rice was “pale” in look, only the rice and the mock chicken, no tomato slices or some green for garnishing. It was just not appealing at the first encounter; we were very skeptical how alluring can this signature dish be? Surprisingly, the use of Margarine to spice up the rice and replaced the chicken stock seems to work out fairly well for the rice, the fragrance from the margarine and a taste of minced ginger instantly makes a good impressive from all of us. The mocked chicken which made of layers of beancurd skins were flavourful and a good replacement of the real chicken meat. Chili sauce was diluted with mild spicy but nice accompaniment of the mocked chicken meat and rice. Good Chicken rice and truly live up to be their signature dish.

Fried Oyster Omelette

How good can a vegetarian fried oyster omelette can that be without the ladle of lard and the little plump juicy oysters to make a punch? The vegetarian fried oyster omelette here was packed with egg and starch with slices of straw mushroom to stimulate the taste of the real oysters.

ci wen vegetarian 5

“Wow..Good!” not a second of hesitation, my son gobbled down incessantly few spoonful of the omelette in one go, we have to chip in quickly before he swallowed down the full plate of omelette (Our Glutton son as usual). The gooey and doughy starch was here and there which was not too evenly spread, however, we were very surprised to taste the charred aroma (wok hei) which was extremely rare even from the real fried oyster omelette, the flavour was tantalizing and one of the most impressive vegetarian fried omelette we have even came across. A big thumb up to another signature dish of Ci Wen.

Fried Mee Hoon

ci wen vegetarian 2

The Fried Mee Hoon was topped with vegetable curry, fried bean skin and mocked char siew, one of the most common morning breakfast we can find and how special can it be? After all the good comments about the Chicken Rice and Fried Oyster Omelette, we cannot believe this will going to impress us, unfortunately we are wrong, the Fried Bee Hoon was damn delicious, nice seasoning and texture, soaked up the curry gravy made the mee hoon another great dish from the stall.        

Fried Carrot Cake

ci wen vegetarian 4

We would like to be more critical about the food here but there was no major fault we can really pin point at this Fried Carrot Cake, soft radish cake coated with eggs and fried to slight crisp exterior, may be the only drawback was the seasoning, however, without the flavour of fish sauce and solely relied on the soy sauce, it was indeed considered quite impressive.

Kway Chap

ci wen vegetarian 3

The viscera was replaced by the tau pok, tau kwan and mock meat. The “kway” texture was good and the soup was reasonably tasty but nothing so outstanding to make you ask more.

Overall, Ci Wen Vegetarian is one of the more impressive vegetarian stalls we even come across. The signature dishes like Chicken Rice and Fried Oyster Omelette truly live up to its name and should give it a try. If you have strong prejudice against vegetarian food, Ci Wen may able to swing your opinion a little.

 ci wen vegetarian 6

Ci Wen Vegetarian

Address: Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2823, Fu Chan Coffeshop

Telephone: 9478 0608/6552 1273

Operating Hours: 8.00am to 11.00pm daily

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