Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Churro 101

Churro 101 Bugis plus Singapore – “Better than boyfriend” Korean popular snack

The arrival of this rave about Churro 101 certainly brought some excitement to the diehard Korean dessert lovers. Established in 2011 back in Korea, Churro 101 kindled the churro frenzy amongst the Korean and its affectionate propagated into Singapore and setting its foot at the Bugis Plus mall.

churro 101 2

The churros are made freshly on the spot, we can view the frying process through the open window view concept kitchen. You can choose different coatings eg. Spanish chocolate dip, dark chocolate coating to be added for the extra zest. Other flavours include Chocolate Custard Churro ($4.50), Milk Custard Churro ($4.50) as well as Korea’s popular Cream Cheese Churro ($4.70) and the Dark Chocolate Churros ($5.40) besides the Plain Churro ($3.30) and the Sugar Churro ($3.50).

churro 101 1

Be it the Plain Churro, sugar Churro or the dark chocolate coating on the foot long churros, the slight crisp exterior and fluffy soft texture from the deep frying process was a pleasing to the bites and perhaps the only compliment to the churros here, somehow, the dough was missing the intensity of the aroma to make it a more rounded churro, nevertheless, fans are still succumbed to this foot long churro with alluring luscious layer of delectable coating.

churro 101 3

The audacious tagline “better than a boyfriend” is up to the challenge, would you pick your boyfriend over Churro 101? I will stick to my boyfriend (oops…i am a boy so girlfriend for me).

Churro 101 Bugis plus Singapore

Address: Bugis + #04-01, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

Hours: 10am – 10pm daily


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