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Chock Full of Beans

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It is when the city buzz gets too overwhelming; you just want a sip of warm coffee on a wooden chair enjoying the natural breeze in the country side, away from all the hustle and bustle. If that’s what you’re looking for, Chock Full of Beans might be the place for you. Located at Changi Village, Chock Full of Beans has got the ambience in its favour; let’s see how they fared in terms of their food!

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We ordered a Hazelnut Latte, Hazelnut Chocolate, Hot Chocolate and Mango Smoothie to quench our thirsts. As for our mains, we had the broccoli soup to kick start the mains, followed by the Banger and Egg, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Turkey B.L.A.T Wrap, and Eggs Benedict. A meal’s never complete without desserts, so we had the Dark Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake.

Hazelnut Latte ($5.00)

This latte is leaning towards the mild side, more suited for those that do not drink coffee often! If you’re trying to depend on this for your daily caffeine intake, this might not be the one for you! Even so, fragrance is still there though it is not very rich, and the hazelnut fragrance only kicks in during the aftertaste.

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Hazelnut Chocolate ($6.00)

Not as rich as the hot chocolate itself, but the tinge of hazelnut flavour is more apparent here than it is in the Hazelnut Latte.

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Hot Chocolate ($5.00)

Very rich and not too sweet.

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Mango Smoothie ($7.00)

The smoothie is rather similar to drinking a mango sorbet, which meant that the smoothie was extremely thick! The mango cubes provided were sour in nature, contrasting well with the slightly sweet smoothie! There is supposed to be whipped cream on the smoothie but my little brother opted out. (healthier option, maybe?)

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Broccoli Soup ($7.00)

Not too rich till it gets a little cloying, but it is filled with real broccoli bits. The broccoli soup is slightly on the bland side, but it is still delicious when eaten with a dash of pepper, accompanied with the bread given.

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Banger and Egg ($17.00)

The sausage was average, the meat in there was a bit “loose”, it could have been more packed with meat. Scrambled egg could also be moister and fluffier; it is a little light. Then again this ensures that you would not get sick of it too quickly. Croissant is crispy, a little dense and there’s a tinge of sweetness and butter.

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Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($12.00)

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Multigrain bread used was extremely flavourful, all the ingredients went very well with each other. The salad topped with the vinaigrette made it very appetising and the cherry tomatoes used were real sweet! Chicken was lightly seasoned with black pepper, and it was also very soft and tender. This was our favourite!

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Turkey B.L.A.T Wrap ($13.00)

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Flavours went really well with each other, although we still think that the sandwich tasted much better. The B.L.A.T stands for bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato, so there was quite a variety of ingredients in that wrap, especially the turkey ham!

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Eggs Benedict ($12.00)

Real simple, nothing worth mentioning other than the fact that the eggs were not consistent, one of the eggs was less runny than the other was.

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Dark Chocolate Cake ($6.50)

Very rich, moist and dense, absolutely delightful! We expected for the French Chocolate ganache used to be extremely sweet, but we were glad that it wasn’t.

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Carrot Cake ($6.00)

The Carrot Cake was lacking of a cinnamon fragrance, texture is not bad, with it being not too coarse and dry but it could have been denser. The cream cheese would have been less cloying if it was separated into 2 thinner layers instead.

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Overall, Chock Full of Beans provides rather decent food with a good quiet ambience, a great place to just hang out and chill with your friends! Although you might want to take note that seats get snapped up pretty fast, so unless you’re going on a weekday afternoon, be prepared to wait! Do take note, if you choose Al fresco dining, look out for the fiercely fire ants…….

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Chock Full of Beans

Address: 4 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500004

Operating Hours: Tue – Fri 11am to 10pm, Sat – Sun 9am to 10pm, Closed on Mon

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