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Chicken Hotpot Review @Bedok Point

Chicken Hotpot Review @ Bedok Point 鸡公煲

Chicken Hotpot 9

We caught a whiff of the herbal scent when passing by the Chicken Hotpot outlet at Bedok Point, which smelt good and we finally succumbed to the temptation and gave it a try.

Chicken Hotpot originated from Shanghai and has received some positive reviews from the media since its opening in early 2000.

4 types of pots are available – Chicken, Shrimp, Beef & Fish.

Chicken Hotpot 7

We ordered the Chicken Hotpot and the Couple set.

Chicken Hotpot 

Chicken Hotpot 5

This is their house specialty, which comes in Small, Medium and Large, and Non-Spicy, Mild-Spicy or Spicy. We opted for the Mild-Spicy but frankly, you hardly can taste the chili at all It was just a little of chili flakes added more for presentation than to spice up the broth.

The broth was made of a special sauce which was thick and inundated with piquant herbal flavour. The taste is subjective though, some will like the strong bold flavour and some will find it overbearing. There were capsicums, onions and celery added with chicken pieces.

Chicken Hotpot used Kampung chicken for the hotpot, which was evident from the tenderness of the chicken. A la Carte side dishes like meat and vegetables are available, which you can add to the soup for more flavour. Broth can be refilled but with bone stock so the gravy was gradually diluted.

Scandalously Spicy Shrimp 

Chicken Hotpot 6

The broth closely resembled Thai Tom Yam soup with sweet, sour and mild spicy flavour. Cooked with Celery, cucumber, lemongrass and shrimps with FRENCH FRIES!! Can you image putting French fries in a pot of broth? Maybe it helps to increase the serving size and make the pot of hotpot look fuller?? Sorry, we totally could not appreciate it. The prawns were way over-cooked and lost the tenderness and juiciness. A mediocre hotpot in our opinion.

Pork and Chive Dumplings (6 pieces) $6.8

Chicken Hotpot 8

Freshly made Pork and Chive Dumplings, not too bad with the juicy and flavourful filling.

Add on dishes are available and self service.

Chicken Hotpot 2

Our verdict

Among the two hotpots we have tried, Chicken Hotpot is acceptable for its taste and the tender chicken, but the Scandalously Spicy Shrimp was far off the mark and dampened by the soggy French Fries.

Couple set comes with a small signature chicken hotpot, a small Scandalously spicy shrimp hotpot and 2 drinks for $33.80++.

Family set comes with large Hotpot, large Scandalously spicy shrimp hotpot or Fish in a pot, Chef handmade shrimp paste and 4 drinks for $59.80++

Ala Carte price ranges from $1.80 – $3.80 to Premium plates ranges from $4.80 – $6.80.

Chicken Hotpot 1

Chicken Hotpot  鸡公煲


East Branch:

799 New Upper Changi Road, #02-35/36, Bedok Point, Singapore 467351

Please refer to their website for other outlets

T: 6242 2592

H: Mon – Sun, 12 noon – 10pm




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