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Chi Shuang Shuang Fritters – Must-Try Goreng Pisang

Chi Shuang Shuang Fritters 吃爽爽


Chi Shuang Shuang 吃爽爽 – an interesting stall name with a local slant, Chi Shuang Shuang means “Eat Shiok Shiok” or can be translated into plain English as “eat and enjoy wholeheartedly”.

It is a one-man stall and deep-fried fritters are his specialty, which was featured in the TV program for its sumptuous deep-fried fritters and that caught our attention.


A good fritter highly depends on the right flour mixture to produce a nice thin, crisp and fragrant coating, and good content which supplements the overall taste to make the fritters truly stand out. This is what we found at Chi Shuang Shuang fritters.


Be it the tapioca or green bean, the $3 for 3 pieces of goreng pisang were in return a satisfaction in every bite. The thin crust coating was done to a perfect texture, and the sweetness of the substances make the traditional snack a must try here. Banana fritters costs a bit more at 80 cent each. We highly recommend the green bean and tapioca fritter.


The Nian gao $1.3 is sandwiched between thin slices of yam and sweet potatoes to neutralize the sweetness from the Nian Gao. After trying so many nian gao fritters, Chi Shuang Shuang perhaps has the best among all. A must try from the stall.


One important observation, many fritter stalls have the tendency to use the oil over prolonged period to cut cost, which jeopardizes the quality of the fritters. However, there is no rancid taste from the fritters after prolonged use of the cooking oil. We bought the snacks almost at closing time and there was no trace of degradation with the oil.


The Durian fritters $1 each is packed with durian puree; however, we still prefer fresh durian.


Our verdict 

The small TV right in front of the stall was playing non-stop the video clip featuring the stall and the goreng pisang, we are attracted by it and have not regretted trying it. If you like the fried fritters from the famous Long House stall, Chi Shuang Shuang can stand tall for the challenge.

Chi Shuang Shuang

A: Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-38, 51 Old Airport Road  Singapore 390051

H: 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat and Sun



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