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Chi Jia Kitchen

Chi Jia Kitchen @ Clementi

chi jia kitchen

is a relatively new Zi Char stall operating from a coffeeshop at Clementi. We came here based on the recommendation by the relative to try some of their signatures dishes. Seriously, we have eaten in many of the Zi Char stalls and not many of them could leave us with real good impression. Let’s see how Chi Jia Kitchen fair?

Salted Egg Chicken
chi jia kitchen Salted egg Chicken

Chi Jia Kitchen is famous for this dish and their signature here, chicken meat was diced and deep fried to crisp followed by stir-fried with the salted egg yolk. The dish is truly lived up to its reputation with the warrant of the wow factor. We have to make repeated order just to fulfill our craving. A must order here.

Home Town Steamed Fish
chi jia kitchen Home town steamed fish

Different from the traditional steamed fish that just served in the steel plate, the Home Town steamed fish from Chi Jia Kitchen served the steamed fish in the typical bamboo steamer basket, which will benefit from the gentle steam cooking of the steamer basket and important to achieve a perfect texture and taste. The dish has not disappointed us, the slices of the fishes were hit on the spot with the right texture and seasoning, coupled with the freshness of the fish, it is another must order dish.

Sambal Kangkong

chi jia kitchen Sambal Kangkong

The sambal flavour and spiciness were mild and could be more robust to create more zest into the dish.

Lala White Bee Hoon

chi jia kitchen Lala white bee hoon

The white bee hoon was fully absorbed the essence of the seafood sweetness and a simple dish that enjoyed by all.

Prawn Roll

chi jia kitchen Prawn Roll

Not packed of flour but tasted real wu xiang flavour with the use of quality ingredients. We have the inclination to go for second round.

Uncle Noodle

chi jia kitchen Uncle Noodle

Uncle noodle is the typical KL black Hokkien noodle, we have some reservation to fully endorse the dish, and there are still rooms for improvement.

Four Heavenly Kings

chi jia kitchen Four Heavenly Kings

French bean, egg plant, lotus roots and French bean, it is the simplicity that speak of the volume, every bite impelled the thinking of the satisfying texture and naturally sweetness of the green. Love it.

Seafood Soup

chi jia kitchen Seafood soup

One of the specialties of Chi Jia Kitchen is roasted duck but unfortunately, it was sold out! Next round perhaps?

Chi Jia Kitchen Verdict :

We can sense Chi Jia Kitchen has the aspiration to suit the taste of an epicure and it is evident in some of the dishes eg. Salted Egg Chicken, Hometown Steamed Fish and Four Heavenly Kings.  This is a zi char stall that offering comforting and good food with reasonable price from a relatively clean and airy coffeeshop.

Chi Jia Kitchen Details :

Address: Block 420A Clementi Ave 1, #01-07 Singapore 121420 (stall #8)
Phone: 9788 2229


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