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Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo @ Bedok 216 Food centre – You will come back for more!

Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo @ Bedok 216 Food centre – You will come back for more!

Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo

“Jiak luk…our ieatandeat also kenna shutdown during the circuit breaker, only can pack food and eat at home, two months of circuit breaker have been eating packed food, how to do food review?” Wife commented the challenges facing.

◦ The virus has no mercy and spared no one hitting hard on everybody to a fairly large extent, our food blog has to lockdown as well with nowhere to go for food review. Well, you may think packed food or food delivery can be reviewed too but honestly, most of the food simply not received well with the time delay in delivery which inevitably affected the food quality, needless to say the missing of the plating and the ambiance that constitutes part of the “taste”.

Chai Cheee Chai Tou Guo

However, amongst all the packed food, there is one particular stall somehow can maintain the standard even for takeaway and has been our favorite all along – Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo, ok, please not to be mixed up with the black or white fried Char Tau Kway that fried with eggs, fish sauce and sweet sauce, the fried Cai Tou Guo we are talking here is the stick, triangle or rectangular shape deep fried Cai Tou Guo, this is a hidden gems located in 216 Bedok North Street 1 Food Centre, the stall selling only three varieties of fried items — yam cake, carrot cake and carrot cake strips.

Carrot cake stick (12 sticks for $2.0 / 18 sticks for $3.0)

Carrot Cake

The star of the stall with it perfectly fried crisp golden-brown exterior, soft interior texture and extremely flavourful carrot, we can go down with two packs for one person, defintely one of the best in Singapore. (4.5/5.0)

The ingredients might be the same but the big brother of the stick or the triangle carrot cake ($0.50 per piece) somehow not able to impress us as much as the stick, it is still a nice piece of cake but the less crispiness of the exterior likely affected the overall fragrance and less attractive in our opinion. (3.5/5.0)

Yam cake ($0.60 per piece)

Yam cake

Though carrot cake stick may be the McCoy here but honestly the fried yam cake is just equally good, fried to perfect crisp golden-brown exterior, soft interior texture with small chunky of fragrant taro infused with great flavour, the combination produced a lovely piece of yam cake and make you dying for more. (4.5/5.0)

Our verdict

We have to keep nagging and reminding you that Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo is definitely one of the best of the best in Singapore to go for the carrot sticks and yam cake, give it a try and we bet you will likely come back for more.

Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo

A: Blk 216, #01-55, Bedok North Street 1 Market and Food Centre

H: Daily from 6am to around 12noon (or until sold out).


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