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Cha Thai

Cha Thai @ Telok Ayer, Lip smacking Thai food

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“This is one of the best Thai restaurants we even tried in the recent years in Singapore”. This is our verdict given to the Daniel – one of the owners of the restaurant who invited us for the dinner.

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Frankly speaking, we are stingy in giving affirmative complimentary comment in our journey of food blogging and this round we have no hesitation to do so here for Cha Thai. Though the price may not be that wallet friendly but from the food quality aspect, we are certain it is as good as some of the famous fining dining’s Thai restaurants in Singapore.

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Cha Thai is located at Far East Square and the Telok Ayer MRT is just nearby. Opened it door less than 2 weeks, the Thai restaurant did not drawn on the traditional Thai decorations, there is no typical elephant, lotus flowers or Buddha statues but Cha Thai adopted a more modern and stylish chic setup serving authentic Thai food that prepared in the most Thai way.

Thai Fruit Salad $16

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Very few come close to challenge the Thai fruit salad here, the sauce is a killer, the profusion of exotic flavours and fragrance make it amongst the most coveted of Thai salad around.

 Creamy Crab Roll $15

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Deep fried spring roll sticks served with crab cream sauce. Perfect light appetizer to start the meal.

 Baked Black Olive rice set $18

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Each rice grain was infused with the fragrance of the Ow-kang-nah or black olive, a common side dish to go with the Teochew muay or porridge. The quintessential aroma of the black olive rice was instantly awaken every taste bud and made the olfactory system thrilling for its bursting flavour. Can we have a repeat order please?

Grilled Kurobuta Pork $28

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Kurobuta Pork is the most highly prized pork, the cheek is one of the parts highly sought after for it exceptional tenderness and juiciness, it was presented as the thinly sliced grilled pork and perfectly embodies the invigorating in the mouth thrill of the meat. The accompanied dipping sauce was left alone, seriously, it carried no bearing on us, the slight charred and crispy skin encased the essence of the Kurobuta pork was divinely inspired and need not required any sauce for the extra zest.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup Clear $28

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This iconic soup was infuriated with fiercely red chili, it was torturously enjoyed, this outlandish soup was not anything compromising, sweat it out or surrender yourself for something tamer. We are the warriors and nothing can suppress us to empty the bowl till the last drop.

 Pineapple Red Curry $18

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A mild and tamer twist of the curry was easy to the tastebuds, made from slightly sweet concoction; the thickly viscous paste was creamy and compelling to the extent of feeling cloying after few mouthfuls. Stunningly tender pork loin and pineapple were simmered in the curry sauce and imbued with all the flavour and delicately fragrant. It is a perfect curry to go with a bowl of jasmine rice.

Pad Thai $22

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Stir fried noodle with original prawn pad thai sauce, Two sizable prawns topped this totally Thai noodle, authenticity has not be discounted and a simple but scrumptious dish simply work for the tastebuds.

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 Drinks $3.90 each

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Thai milk tea, green milk tea, blue butterfly flower or the lemongrass drinks were not taken lightly, swigged a mouthful of drink with relishing, it is a classic quality work translated into glasses of beverage. Love it.

Durian sticky rice $15

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Durian with sticky rice to end the meal. This is the only dish that not able to create too much of excitement in us, the durian puree somehow missing the pungent flavour and creamy texture.

Cha Thai Our verdict:

We want to be critical about the food but Cha Thai has not given us too many of the opportunities to find fault in their food. Perhaps the price is on the high side could invite some critics but it is such a satisfying meal and truly authentic Thai that we think is justifiable for the price.

Cha Thai @ Telok Ayer

Address: 80 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Singapore 048466

Telephone: 6636 3696

Hours: Mon to Sat 11am – 10pm daily


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