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Central Thai @ Changi Airport T2

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We decided to go for Central Thai at the Changi airport while we bidding farewell to our Indonesian maid who was heading back to her homeland after good four year of service. She has been our great helper performed the house chore diligently and today was an appreciation and parting lunch we planned for her. The mood was blue as we know all of us are going to miss her, fortunately, the consolation from the food was something to cheer us up a little.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup

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Taste of Tom Yum flavour and spice level was about 7 out of the scale of 10. The Tom Yum was served in a steam boat which was a little puzzle for it purpose since no heating element to keep it hot. You will get lots of soup but what submerged under the soup was pathetic, few shrimps and straw mushroom slices are all you can find.

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Pandan Chicken

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The Pandan Chicken was surprisingly flavourful with the seasoning well permeated into the tender meat. All of us enjoyed this dish and a recommend dish to try.

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Pineapple rice

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Served in a pineapple shell topped with shrimps, chicken floss and chicken sausage, suppose to be the signature dish but we don’t ready find anything too alluring. The pineapple rice somehow lacked of the nice fragrance with just an ordinary taste.

Thai Green Curry

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The green colour comes from the used of Thai Basil leaves and green chilli with a tad of sweetness, which creates a unique variety from the traditional red curry that could be fiercely hot. The green curry from central Thai was rich and creamy with the strong sense of coconut milk, the chicken meat was tender and nice but we largely left the curry intact with the cloying feel started building up.

Mango salad

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Mango was crunchy and fresh with good balance of sourness and sweetness.

Thai Fried Kway Teow

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It was kind of letdown of this dish, the kway teow was rather bland in taste and too soggy, the cooking style unable to accentuate the essence of the Kway Teow. You can give the dish a miss.

Thai fried Tang Hoon (Glass Vermicelli)

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Glass Vermicelli or Tang Hoon is one of the very few noodles you can find in many of the European supermarkets or cookery house. The transparent noodle somehow has its charm to make it ways to the chef menu. Similar to Fried Kway Teow, Thai Fried Tang Hoon has been well established in part of the Thai Cuisine and its popularity has since accepted by many of us. The Tang Hoon from Thai Central was fair better compared to the Fried Kway both in taste and texture, well seasoned and worth a try.

Thai Red Ruby

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A Thai dessert we hardly missed, the chestnut was fresh and crunchy with the right bite size to allow the full appreciation of the dessert. One of the better one from the Thai restaurants we have tried so far. Recommend to try.

Overall, Central Thai provides acceptable Thai quality food with a reasonable price tag. Recommended dishes from Central Thai are Thai Ruby, Pandan Chicken and Fried Tang Hoon.

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Central Thai @ Changi Airport T2

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 2 Viewing Gallery Level 3

Telephone: +65 6546 1585

Operating Hours:

Mon – Thurs:  7:00am – 11:00pm Fri – Sat:  7:00am – 12:00am Sun :  7:00am – 11:00pm

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