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Cantonese Delights @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

Cantonese Delights Review

Cantonese Delights

When you visit the Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, you will notice long queues at a number of stalls. Cantonese Delights sits amidst popular options like curry noodles, Teochew minced meat noodles, and fish soup with a perpetual queue around the clock.

Cantonese Delights is renowned for its yong tau foo laksa and fried chicken curry noodles; these choices are a no-brainer.

Cantonese Delights curry yong tau foo and curry chicken noodles

Yong Tau Foo Laksa ($4 / $5; each $0.40)

Cantonese Delights Curry Yong Tau Foo

First of all, there is nothing too special about the yong tau foo here, from the eggplant, fried soybean skin to the bittergourd, every piece is very much run-of-the-mill standard. So what lures patrons into enduring the long queue?

Yong Tau Foo Laksa

It is the laksa style curry gravy. Rich, robust, and flavourful, it has a spiciness that is piquant without being overwhelming. For those seeking a stronger kick, you can always add some chilli paste from the self-service counter to perk up the overall spicy level.

The noodles absorbed the fragrant essence of the gravy but were not at all soggy, which we appreciated.

Close up of gravy soaked bee hoon

Overall, we can’t really complaint about the yong tau foo with its very reasonable price (40 cents per piece). If Cantonese Delights can give the ingredients a little more substance, it would take the dish a notch higher.

Fried Chicken Curry Noodles / Rice ($4 / $5)

Fried Chicken Curry Noodles

Cantonese Delight’s other signature dish, the noodle is doused with the same laksa curry gravy and topped with a fried chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet is freshly fried to retain the crispiness and the meat was tender but it is the seasoning that helps to elevate the overall taste. Hints of fermented beancurd flavour greatly enhanced the flavour.

Other dishes are decent but nothing to shout about.

Fried chicken cutlet and char siu

Our verdict

More than half an hour in the queue was well paid off with a sumptuous and very economical meal. If you are not sure what to order here, both Cantonese Delights’ yong tau foo laksa and curry chicken cutlet are definitely the good choice.

Cantonese Delights

A: #02-03, 531A Upper Cross St, Singapore 051531

H: 10.30am to 2pm daily, closed on Fridays and alternate Mondays



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