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Brunetti – The Italian pasticceria founded in Australia Melbourne, started their first franchise in Tanglin mall since 2011. In Brunetti, what welcoming you is the typical European decoration of cafeteria, black and white glossy mosaic flooring, warm incandescent light and contemporary furniture, a warm and comforting setting simply alluring.

Besides the nice ambience, the eye catching and enticing display of the luscious pastry selections quite certain will catch you full attention. It will be unconvincing the vast spread of sweet treat glamour not able to satisfy your craving. Apart from the appealing cakes and pastries, lovely and colourful macaroons, salivating gelatos and aromatic Italian hot chocolate and coffee, traditional Italian pizza and baked macaroni or aglio olio are there to add on the gusto.

The team of food bloggers was here to appraise the newly introduced set meal series, going at $23.90 net inclusive of an appetizer, main course and dessert. Of course, we got to enjoy many other dishes besides the set meal, truly have a good experience of the Italian cuisine prepared by the chefs from Brunetti.

Italian Hot chocolate was smooth and piquant of chocolaty aroma.

Brunetti 21

Wild mushroom soup with home baked grain bread S$8 – The finely ground wild mushroom mixed in the pungent cheesy soup was flavourful and not cloying. Dipping the toast bread in the rich and scrumptious bowl of soup was salivating.

Brunetti 1

Amongst the main course, Brunetti Homemade Tagliatelle $18 was delightful, the homemade Tagliatelle – a traditional Italian flat and long egg pasta blended well with chicken, mushroom, Truffle and the cream sauce. We like the cream sauce which was not overpowering in the taste but synchronized well with the rest of the ingredients. Nice Tagliatelle indeed.

Brunetti 3

Wild Mushroom Risotto S$18 – Traditional Italian rice cooked in a broth with mashed wild mushroom to a creamy state and topped with shredded cheese. The Risotto has a smooth rich and creamy-textured, another luscious Italian dish hard to resist.

Brunetti 4

Chicken and Asparagus Risotto S$18 – The rice was cooked with diced chicken and Asparagus, topped with shredded cheese. Similar to the Wild Mushroom Risotto, the Risotto was smooth, rich and creamy-textured. If you prefer something light in taste compared to the Wild Mushroom Risotto, the Chicken and asparagus Risotto may be a good choice.

Brunetti 7

Linguine seafood S$19 – the Linguine was accompanied by the cuttlefish, prawns, olive, mushroom, cherry-tomotoes and sprinkled of spices. Fresh seafood and right texture of the noodles with the olive fragrance, nothing too fanciful and isn’t that just how the way a Linguine seafood should be.

Brunetti 2

We have the opportunity to try two of their Pizza as well.

Donna Regina S$19.90 – Thin pizza topped with sausages, mushroom, cheese and tomato sauce. The crust was thin and nicely oven-baked; we always prefer thin crust than the pan pizza to better taste of the toppings than stuff with the bread crust. Overall, not bad from a typical Italian pizza. 

Brunetti 5

Proseuitto Conrucola S$20 – Margherita with additional topping of Prosecuitto & Rucola. Prosecuitto is a delicate paper-thin sliced ham that salt cured and dried, placed on top the usual cheesy and tomatoes coated thin bread crust which was topped with green leafy. The pizza was looked appetizing and fulfilled the expectation of a Prosecuitto pizza.


Brunetti has array of pastry selection to please anyone and delicious desserts add the perfect ending to any meal. May not be top-notch quality but the relaxing and delightful environment in Brunetti could well make up any of the limitation.   

Brunetti 16

Flourless Chocolate Soufflé S$8/ piece

Sweet and chocolaty soufflé should be welcome by the sweet tooth.

Brunetti 14

Limoncello S$8/ piece

The tad of sweetness from the cake was accompanied by the sourness of limoncello. Toggle the balancing well between the sweet and sour.

Brunetti 9

Opera Slice S$8/ piece

A French pastry made with layers of almond sponge cake and coffee, layered with cream and topped in a chocolate glaze. Sweetness and coffee aroma is the catch of the creation. 

Brunetti 10

Pear and Cheese Crumble S$10/ piece

The cheese was light and may not be too distinctive, icing topping with blue berry and crumbles gave the pastry a more appealing look. Overall, it was an average and ordinary cake.     

Brunetti 11

Assorted Macrons S$2.25/ piece

The colourful Macrons are aesthetically attractive with a wide assortment of flavours. May be high in sugar level but certainly there will be lots of sweet tooth craving for it.

Brunetti 12

Gelato S$6/ cup of single scope

The gelato was smooth and rich, wide range of flavours available to satisfy your taste buds.

Brunetti 20

Overall, we love the elegant interior design and comforting environment, Brunetti is a good chill out place with friends, at the same time the large varieties of pastries, Gelato and many of the Italian delicacies are there to meet your desire of your taste buds

At Brunetti, you definitely able to find something for everyone, do enjoy and as what Italian says “Buon appetito” (Have a good meal).

Brunetti 18


NOTE: Brunetti now offers set dinner at S$23.90 net. The portion is considerably large and good for two to share for an average appetite capacity.

Appetizer: Choice of soup or mixed garden salad

Entrees: Choice of a pasta or main course from Ala Carte menu

Dessert: Choice of one slice cake from the counter

Add $3 for a choice of Non Alcoholic Beverage

Add $5 for a choice of Alcoholic Beverage

Available from Monday to Thursday, 6pm – 8.30pm

Brunetti 17

Brunetti 19



Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #01-35, Tanglin Mall, Singapore S247933

Operating Hours: Mon – Thu: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Fri – Sat: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Sun: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm




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