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Food Review: British Hainan – Immerse in the Sea of Old Heritage

British Hainan

“Welcome home, son”
“If you park your car outside, please take note the Traffic police is here”
Owner Frederick Puah never failed to greet all his guests with his warm and friendly gestures.
The cafe exquisite deco is a mishmash of classic old-fashioned and traditional rustic charm, There were plenty of retro artifacts reminiscent of the 60s or perhaps even the 50s, vintage TV, radio, cameras, and many great-grandparents’ collections remind you about all the old heritage.
Stepping in the restaurant never made you the feeling of visiting a commercial eating place but a sense of home though is not a home.
At British Hainan, nothing goes in order. Piles of antiques are everywhere, but it is also the messiness that delineates the orderliness, it radiates the warmth and passion of the Puah’s that filled the place.
British Hainan Signature Lamb Shank 28.9
Meat just peeled off the bone and the tender texture absorbed all the essence of the flavorsome gravy, it was such a mamma mia that we were sold at the first bite.
Fish and Chip 13.9
You need to retain the juiciness of the fish fillet and a perfect fragrant crisp crust coating to make a really good fish and chip. British Hainan has not disappointed us, and fulfilled the criteria of a good fish and chip, well done Frederick.
Grilled Chicken 13.9
There are not many occasions when you get a finely grilled, tender and juicy chicken chop that make you feeling soothingly good thereafter. British Hainan Chicken Chop is clinching tight not to lose its grip on a good chicken chop, which we thought was good.
Pork Chop 14.9
The crispy crust and delicate flavour of batter-fried pork chop were overshadowed by the gravy that doused over it. We somehow would prefer if the gravy was served aside to allow for the ideal crispiness and flavour of the batter.
Our verdict
At British Hainan, it is not just the lip-smacking good food that we enjoyed. The coziness of a homely environment, the antique touch, the heartwarming and the friendliness of the Puah’s team is well adored by the guests. Worth a visit? You bet.
British Hainan
A: 75 Carpmael Road
 Singapore 429812
H: Dinner
Daily Except Tuesday 6pm -10pm
Friday & Saturday Only 12pm – 3pm 

Closed on Tuesdays, except Public Holidays.
T: 63368122

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