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Brew Maison Café @ Bukit Timah – So sweet and lovely place

Brew Maison Café @ Bukit Timah – So sweet and lovely place

Brew Maron 16

A Japanese and Korean inspired cafe with cutesy plain white furniture in a garden setting, they had comfy sofa chairs with wall decals of trees to suit the whole nature theme. We definitely felt very comfortable and feel at home (er….my room is actually thousand times worst than here so not an insult to Brew Maison café) when we were here!

Brew Maron 1

The light pastel coloured cushion, walls (and drinks) definitely helped to lighten our mood a little and rouse the 5 year old little girl within all of us.

Brew Maron 2

They are also well known for their 3D latte art but their 3D latte artist wasn’t in when we visited so we missed it :’(

Brew Maron 3


Heart and Seoul

Brew Maron 6


Banana with Strawberry, it tasted more like just banana milk with the strawberry to give it a pink colour. Rich and good!

Hot Chocolate

Brew Maron 5

There was reasonably good with nice chocolaty flavour.

Taro Latte

Brew Maron 14

Extremely mild and not sweet, it could definitely do with a stronger taro flavour.

Dekku Toast (Fish Fillet)

Brew Maron 9

Premium fish fillet was used compared to the usual hard and fishy types. Topped with creamy and moist scrambled egg, this is a good breakfast option!

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta ($7.50)

Brew Maron 10

Chicken fillet was flavourful, tender and crispy on the outside! The pasta was on the sweet side, so when eaten with the savoury chicken fillet it was a good combination.

Beef Brown Sauce Rice ($9.50)

Brew Maron 8

Beef on the tough side, but the brown sauce helped save the situation. Paired together with the chewy and sticky rice, it was definitely a very Japanese dish.

Pork Red Sauce Wrap ($8.20)

Brew Maron 7

The red sauce is the slightly spicier version of the brown sauce, the wrap used was the healthier version made with the wholemeal so it was a bit on the tough side. The pork was in small little easy to munch on bits and pieces so this was quite delightful!

Carrot Cake

Brew Maron 12

Slightly on the dry side, but the taste was ok and not too sweet.

Blueberry cheesecake

Brew Maron 13

The cheesecake was the light non bake version with a lady finger biscuit as the base.

Brew Maron 11

On the whole, the dishes all worth trying except for the cakes and pastries which we guessed were supplied from an external vendor so they were rather mediocre tasted. One thing for sure, the ambience at Brew Maison Café definitely won our hearts!

Brew Maron 15

Brew Maison Café @ Bukit Timah

Add: 383 Bukit Timah Road, #01-9B Alocassia Apartments, Singapore 259727

Tel: +65 6836 2948 / +65 6735 5068


Hrs: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm / Sat-Sun 8am-10pm



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