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Brawn and Brains Cafe @ Guillemard Road – Coffee aroma in a shoebox café

Brawn and Brains Cafe @ Guillemard Road – Coffee aroma in a shoebox café  

We were looking for a nice place to chill on a lazy Sunday evening when Google led us to Brawn and Brains Cafe @ Guillemard Rd! All their reviews were positive; saying that the food offered here was good and reasonably priced.

Brawn & Brains 3

Located in the old badminton hall at Kallang next to the rock-climbing gym, the café is hidden away from the city bustle in a quiet corner of the hall. It was so small that we actually missed it when we drove by the shop.

Brawn & Brains 2

Entering Brawns and Brains cafe, we were greeted by nice soft soothing Jazz music playing in the background. There were also artsy prints that decorated the walls; this was the perfect place to read a book and drink some coffee. We were surprised at how boxy the café was; we counted the seats available and figured that they can only seat 20 people tops! (Thankfully we are kiasu people who went at around 5+ pm when there wasn’t a crowd).

Brawn & Brains 5

The café is quite compact; there are only two long tables for communal seating, and a few counter seats plus a small side table.

Brawn & Brains 4

Chocolate cake $3.50

Initially when eating the edges we thought it was rather dry and tough, however as we slowly made our way into the middle, it was more moist and it wasn’t very sweet! The cake was chocolatey rich too.

Brawn & Brains 6

Salted butter caramel swirl $2.90

Way more salty than it is sweet, the fragrance of the caramel wasn’t prominent enough for me, but my brother loved it because he doesn’t like caramel (the irony). Like the chocolate cake, it was a little tough on the edges.

Brawn & Brains 7

Latte $3.50

Good coffee is what the shop is particular about. You get to choose from Peruvian, Colombian or Brazilian beans. We opted for Colombian beans and the latte was smooth with a very rich flavour.

Brawn & Brains 8

Panini pressed chicken and mushroom wrap $7.50

The greens and the dressing with the mushrooms made the entire wrap very juicy, and the ratio of the ingredients to the bread was just right. The crunch from the greens and the juiciness of the sauce blended very well. The wrap was also thin and slightly crispy.

Brawn & Brains 9

Beef pastrami sandwich $7.50

The beef pastrami was a little dry and slightly on the bland side too. We would not readily recommend this.

Brawn & Brains 10

Mushroom and cheese sandwich $7.00

Brawn & Brains 12

The arugula went very well with the mushrooms, with added preserved sour pickles to make it a lot tastier. Perfect harmony of ingredients! Even my picky little brother complimented the greens used.

Brawn & Brains 11

A little tip, you might want to go early in the day as compared to late afternoon as by the time we arrived, they ran out of 3 of 6 sandwiches/wraps and the pastries selection was limited to what we ordered. Other than that, this is the perfect place to be at during off peak hours when you’re looking for some time to spend on your own! An ideal place for those who need a break and relaxation.

However, this shoebox café is certainly not for big group gatherings.

Brawn & Brains 1

Brawn and Brains Cafe @ Guillemard Rd 

Add: 100 Guillemard Road #01-07 Singapore 399718.

Tel: 6348 8892




Tuesday – Friday, 9.00am – 7.30pm

Saturday – Sunday, 9.30am – 7.30pm




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