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Boonsap Thai Desserts – One of the good Mango sticky rice in Bangkok

Boonsap Thai Desserts – One of the good Mango sticky rice in Bangkok

Boonsap-Thai-Desserts – look for this iconic sign right in front of the shop

Khao Niew Ma Muang – Mango Sticky Rice in Thai is so prevalent in Thailand that you can find the iconic Thai dessert in every corner of the streets, market or food courts. Boonsap Thai Desserts is one of the more popular one in Bangkok.

Boonsap-Thai-Desserts shop along Charoen Krung

Boonsap Thai Desserts offers an array of Thai desserts along the stretch of Charoen Krung – an area that is popular with good food. Boonsap Thai Desserts is a small shop that don’t have a proper sit-down area for you to enjoy the desserts, all the desserts practically catered for takeaway only, mango sticky rice is the McCoy of the shop and highly sought after by the customers, every walk-in customers hardly leave the shop without a pack of their mango sticky rice.

Boonsap-Thai-Desserts – Well-loved Signature Mango Sticky Rice

The mango sticky rice is freshly made, only limited stocks are available each time so luck sometime could be a game of it. Luckily we managed to grab the last two boxes before it was snapped out.

Boonsap-Thai-Desserts – Glutinous rice, Fresh Mango, Salted Coconut milk and a package of fried glutinous rice


Boonsap Thai Desserts serves only white glutinous rice with mango, the mango was fresh, firm, sweet and juicy, perfect to pair with the excellent cooked glutinous rice, we love the nice texture of the rice and fragrance of the salted coconut milk, everything made a perfect match. Don’t neglect the small package of deep fried glutinous rice came with the package, do sprinkle it over the steamed glutinous rice which can help provide another layer of crispy texture and flavour to the dessert, It is definitely one of the better one around in Bangkok.


Our verdict

Boonsap Thai Desserts shop may not be too eye-catching when ones passing by the shop, however, if you are around the Charoen Krung and craving for some fancy sweet stuff, just pop in this shop and order a box to experience this salivating iconic dessert from the kingdom.

Boonsap Thai Desserts

Price: THB$120

A: 1478, Thanon Charoen Krung, Bang Rak

H: Mon to Sun – 7am to 5pm

BTS: Saphan Taksin (Exit 3)


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