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BollyBites Vegetarian Ready-To-Eat Meal

Don’t plan to cook for today but do not want to succumb ingesting the instant noodle again, BollyBites series of vegetarian ready-to-eat meal could well be the alternative for a change. If you doted on curry and spice, read on our review and comments with the products sponsored by BollyBites.

Preparation is easy by simply heating up in the microwave oven for 5 to 6 minutes, or heat up the wok and steam for 15 minutes.

Nasi Lemak With Mock Chicken Sambal

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The green coloured Basmati rice is infused with the light but fragrant coconut and pandan flavour, not overly emphasized on the flavouring but pleasingly to the taste buds, greasy and oily? No, you definitely not able to notice any discernible layer of oil on the rice grain. The Mock Chicken  Sambal Chili is the hottest amongst the series, the tad of sweetness in the curry reminiscent the typical Nasi Lemak’s chili but instead of the chili paste on the rice, it found the way into the curry, this version is more appropriate for those with high tolerant level of spiciness.

Mock Mutton Briyani

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This is our family top favourite, the Basmati rice is nicely blended with Indian spices and the curry undoubtedly one of the better one around, we doted the tantalising flavour of the curry with the well balanced in the spices and texture. Dousing the curry sauce over the rice produced the Briyani rice that you make you yell for more.

Mock Chicken Briyani

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The mock chicken has a tender texture versus the mock mutton that is more chewy to the bites. Both have its merit but we like both the mock meat version. BollyBites did not take the easy way using the same Basmati rice recipe from the Mock Mutton Briyani but cook with its unique Indian spice flavour to best paring with the curry, the combination is comforting and delightful, it is also the least spicy amongst the three ready-to-eat meals.

Besides the Briyani and Nasi Lemak ready-to-eat meal that packed with cooked basmati rice for single serving, BollyBites has another range of frozen ready-to-eat food that catered for 3 to 4 servings and ideal for the family meal.

Mock Fish Curry

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The first mouthful of the curry instantly connected us with the gravy for dipping the roti-prata, you can taste the slight sourness in the curry that typically common in the fish curry sauce sold at all the Roti Prata stalls. Of course, there is no real fish slices present but BollyBites cleverly crafted the recipe to be resembled the real fish curry gravy and big thumb up by all of us during the tasting.  The mock fish slices are made of soya bean based wrapped with seaweed, nice soft texture after heated up and definitely a good accompaniment to the rice or roti prate. Spicy level is well tolerable and suitable for most of the people.

Mock Butter Chicken

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Besides the luscious mock chicken cooked in the tangy curry, butter is the highlight in this dish, BollyBites Mock Butter chicken has not disappointed us at all, the fragrance of the butter was right on the spot and not feel cloying after few mouthful. Another recommended dish definitely worth to try. Least in spiciness and should be within the tolerable range for most of us.

Mock Mutton Masala

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Mutton Masala is a popular Indian cuisine utilizes many of the Indian spice mixes, the mock mutton masala from BollyBites is generally tame and not embellished with the flavour, that make the difference not so stark in those run-of-the-mill masala in the market.  The Masala is mild spiciness and well tolerable.

BollyBites Verdict :

We had our family dinner purely eating the BollyBites series of Ready-To-Eat vegetarian meals, it took us less than 40mins to prepare the meal for the whole family and the fulfillment is evident from the satisfactory expression by everyone.

BollyBites series of Ready-To-Eat vegetarian meals is conveniently available from most of the leading supermarkets, eg, NTUC and SingSiong etc. It costs around $3.9 for a single serving package and $7.2 for the family meal.

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