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Blanco Court Food Centre Kway Chap 多丽哥粿汁

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Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey)Kway Chap 多丽哥粿汁

Though this food centre is one of the biggest in Singapore, locating the stall is not that difficult, just look for the longest queue and you will most likely find yourself standing in front of the stall. We often saw the snaking line and gave it a pass. Still, our glutton nature won out in the end. We had to find out: why is this kway chap worthy of a 30 minute wait?

Blanco court food centre 2

$18.50, that was how much we spent to try the food, as we ordered most of the items available on the menu.

The bowl of kway chap has the right texture of chewiness and softness, and a dousing of the braised dark sauce proved to be a good complement to the bowl of soupy kway. Not bad for a start.

Blanco court food centre 5

We requested for braised pork with more lean meat, and we were satisfied with their nicely braised meat which was tender and flavorful.

Blanco court food centre 4

Pig intestines and other viscera may not be our favorite but was still one of the best amongst all the kway chap stalls that we had tried. At least there was no whiff of the unpleasant smell that’s a tell-tale sign of innards that haven’t been cleaned properly.

Blanco court food centre 3

The salted vegetable and other assortments e.g. tau pok (dried beancurd) and braised egg were luscious and a good accompaniment to the meal.

Blanco court food centre 6

When it comes to famous Kway Chap, the other Blanco Court kway chap at Serangoon garden food centre is probably its closest match; (both bear the same name even though they are managed by two totally different bosses). The two stalls attract equally strong supporters though there are some differences between the two. Which is better? Well, we applaud the presentation from the Serangoon garden stall, which is more enticing compared to the rather sloppy serving from the one at Old Airport Food Centre. But we do value substance over style – and in terms of taste, this Old Airport Road one wins out for sure.

Blanco court food centre 1


To Ricos – Blanco Court Food Centre Kway Chap 多丽哥粿汁

Add: #01-35, Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390051

Hrs: Wed – Sun: 11:30 – 03:30, Closed: Mondays & Tuesdays




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