Black & White Caffebar @ The Plaza, Singapore – Great Paninis

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Black & White Caffebar @ The Plaza, Singapore – Great Paninis

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Tucked away in a small little corner at The Plaza just a couple of minutes’ walk away from Nicoll Highway MRT, is a hidden gem that specialises in Panini. If you don’t already know, Panini is a sandwich made with Italian bread that is usually toasted. Walking into the café, the design of the shop sure suited its name, filled with only black and white decors. It was not the most fanciful of cafes, but it was very simple and neat, with cosy yellow lighting, making it rather homely anyway.

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We were served with plenty of food and received some real good service from the lady boss. – Jane. She was really sweet and it turns out she runs this whole café all by herself. Listening to her talk about her café, you could literally feel her passion oozing out of her, it was exceptionally contagious! By that time we were all rather excited about the food, especially after knowing that all the foods served were carefully sourced by the lady boss; ensuring that we get the best of everything.

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To start it all off, we had some drinks to begin with, which are hot chocolate, latte, hazelnut latte, and flat white. The tastes of the drinks were relatively average, while the lattes and the flat white could have been smoother on the throat.

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When the first sandwich arrived, it looked deceivingly normal, like there was nothing special about it. And then you sink your teeth into the bread, and that was when it was such an experience, because the bread had a crispy crust while still maintaining the soft and slightly moist texture inside. It was just delightful!

Herb Grilled Chicken ($8.50)

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The herb grilled chicken sandwich was filled with zucchini, tomato, lettuce, avocado and some red onions. The ingredients were rather plentiful, and the chicken was flavourful and tender. Chicken strips and avocado could have been better spread out throughout the entire sandwich so it would be more even.

Smoked Salmon ($9.80)

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The smoked salmon sandwich was paired together with rocket salad, cream cheese & tomato. We were split between regarding this sandwich, while some of us thought that the rawness of the rocket salad masked the taste of the smoked salmon, the other half thought that it was truly authentic and this is how the Italians have it. As seen in the picture, serving’s generous!

Wild Mushroom and Chicken Melt

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If you have never ordered a Panini before in your entire life and you’re looking for a true eye opener, this is the one to go for. There was a very nice blend of flavours, with a tinge of truffle oil. There was a huge generous portion of Swiss cheese, which held all the ingredients together. The chicken was once again flavourful and tender, an absolute MUST TRY.

Baked Ham and Cheese ($7.50)

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Generous portion of ham with fresh ingredients used, simple but good.

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Roast Beef Tenderloin ($11.80)

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Beef slices were slightly tough, however since it was in thin slices, it made it easier to munch on. The beef was also leaning more to the bland side, a healthier version maybe?

Beef Lasagne ($9.50)

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Rather tasty, the cheese just melts into your mouth and you can taste the actual chunks of beef between the layers of pasta.

Mushroom Soup

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It was creamy with bits of chunky mushrooms, topped with croutons. Thankfully, the soup was of just the right thickness so we did not have any difficulty slurping it all up!


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A modest piece of simple cheesecake with peach slices within; crust of the cheesecake was not flavourful enough, however the compactness of the cheesecake made up for it.


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Once again, it was simple tasting. Texture wise, it was rather thick and dense.

Carrot Cake

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A bit too sweet to our likings, this might be more suited for those born with the sweet tooth! There was also a slight cinnamon fragrance to it.

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We were also told that their wild mushroom pasta was a hot favourite (might want to consider putting that on your “to eat” list?) ; however we were not lucky enough to try it because they ran out of it for the day. Here’s one more reason for you to check out Black & White Caffebar: You do not have to worry about service charge or GST! Black & White caffebar also have special lunch sets at $10 where you get to enjoy a Panini, with a cup of coffee/tea plus whatever dessert’s on the shelf. For all of you lazy bums out there, fret not, Black & White does delivery too. What are you waiting for?

Overall, At Black $ White caffebar, you bet to enjoy the wonderful Italian sandwiches with freshest ingredients and succulent taste. Even the bread which was of the best we have even tasted.


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Black & White Caffebar Pte Ltd

Address: 7500A Beach Road #B1-305, The Plaza, Singapore 199591

Telephone: 6294 1163 HP: 9178 2610

Operating hours: Mon to Fri: 0800 – 2000, Sat: 0900 – 1500, Sun: Closed





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