The Black Sheep Café @ Thomson – Passion with the French cuisine

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The Black Sheep Café first started in 2006 in Seletar Hills as a modest 16 seater café serving French cuisine, it moved to Little India later on and where it received great reviews from the customers and the media.

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Chef-cum-Owner Chef Ratha is trained in the Raffles Hotel amongst some of the finest. While most people are looking into expansion, opening one restaurant after another, Chef Ratha is going the opposite looking to shrink his restaurant simply to maintain the quality of food with his one man’s show cafe! Because serving delectable foods to customer is his priority.

Iced Chocolate ($6.00)

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A tab too sweet or very sweet and the cocoa powder used could’ve been richer.

Half Dozen Escargot Baked with Herbs and Garlic ($12.50)

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Fragrant and tender, heavily seasoned with herbs to blow you away! Not that I’ve had many escargots in my life, but this is hands down the best.

Garlic Prawns on Baby Romaine, Parmesan Crisps ($13.50)

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Succulent prawns that are served with cheese crisps, lettuce salad with light sauce topped with croutons and bacon; this dish is basically a Caesar salad with prawns. But we all know how most would skip the salad and think it was nothing fancy, so hence the renaming! And we’re glad to have ordered this dish as the Parmesan Crisps is not something you would see in every salad and it gives the salad the extra oomph!

Duck Confit on Apple Roesti, Tangy Mango Relish ($26.50)

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Could be more tender and flavourful, but the skin of the duck was exceptionally crispy. Placed above the rosti with onions in there that helped locked in some of the flavours, overall, this dish is still worth a try. The mango relish helped to add another dimension to the taste of the duck and it tasted surprisingly well.

Cheeky Pork on Sauteed Greens & Pear, Orange Chilli Glaze ($28.50)

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Extremely crispy and tender. Served with assorted greens like asparagus, peas, kai lan and sliced potatoes and pear, when paired with the orange chilli glaze, this was one addictive dish.

Double Chocolate Boudini with Grilled Bananas, vanilla ice cream ($9.50)

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Pretty much like a lava cake with a larger proportion of its centre being molten; chocolate used was rich and when paired with the fruits and ice cream – it was a perfect combination of hot mixed with cold, sweet mixed with sour. We highly recommend this!

Chef’s Soufflé of the Day with matching Ice Cream ($14.00)

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That day when I went down, it was a coffee liquor flavour with chocolate ice cream. I’ve never personally had many soufflés in my life other than chocolate soufflés, it was a little too eggy for our preference although that’s basically what a soufflé is supposed to taste like.

Our verdict, we can fully appreciate Chef Ratha’s passion with the French cuisine, every dish served was done with the heart and soul as it was clearly reflected in the taste and the flavour. With the cosy orange lighting, white brick wall, decked in Christmas decorations for the season and soothing classical music playing in the background coupled with the delectable food, The Black Sheep Café is a natural chill-out place if you are craving for good French cuisine at reasonable price.

Recommended dishes:
Garlic Prawns on Baby Romaine, Parmesan Crisps
Half Dozen Escargot Baked with Herbs and Garlic
Cheeky Pork on Sauteed Greens & Pear, Orange Chilli Glaze
Double Chocolate Boudini with Grilled Bananas, vanilla ice cream

The Black Sheep Café

Add: B1-30, Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 575629
Tel: 6459 5373, HP : 9272 1842
Hrs: Tuesday – Saturday    :   11.30 am – 11.00 pm Last order 9.30 pm
Sundays :  11.30 am – 09.30 pm Last Order; 8.45 pm
Mondays Closed UNLESS eve of public holiday


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