Big Eater seafood restaurant 大食家海鲜

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Big Eater seafood restaurant 大食家海鲜

Big Eater has a few branches in Singapore, we visited the one at Upper Changi Road which occupies two shop houses and a large sheltered patio, they do have an air conditioned area, however, the non-air conditioned areas are fairly airy and breezy, so not to worry the need to dine in a unpleasant environment.

We went for the chef’s recommendations to play safe, if the best dishes can’t do well, probably you can’t put too much hope on the rest.

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Big Eater seafood restaurant 大食家海鲜

Hokkien Noodles: The traditional KL version came with big fat noodles and plenty of sweet sauce with lots of pork lard. When the dish was served, my daughter instantly suffered drawback symptom, and she refused to take a bite describing why we ordered a plate of cooked fat earthworm! The noodles were sweet in taste and perhaps too sweet that taste nothing but a plate of sweet noodles.

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Beancurd with pumpkin sauce:  Presented in a alluring manner but the pumpkin was hard and not soft to the bite. Seasoning was mild and a light dish that will please those health conscious.

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Wasabi prawn:  Beautiful presentation and the prawn was fresh and springy, it was lightly coated with the mixture of wasabi and mayonnaise, topped with the crispy extra fine vermicelli that accentuated the flavourful of this signature dish. This is one of the salivating and excellent dishes that cannot be missed when dining here.

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 Crab with salted egg: The house specialty is crab and naturally a must order dish when you are here. The crab was perfectly cooked; the meat was easily detached from the shell and firm, it went well with salted egg gravy.

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 Crispy roll: A filling made up of fish paste and shrimp, wrapped in a paper thin beancurd skin and deep fried to a perfect crisp exterior, dipped into the mayonnaise and truly succulent to the taste buds.

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French bean with dried shrimp: A bit under cooked and the bean was tasted raw.

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Sambal Kang Kong:  The sambal chili and kang kong was average and nothing special worth to further elaborate.

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Crystal Hor Fun: The clear hor fun was very different from the usual white hor fun you used to see in Singapore. The dish came with copious of ingredients like bean spout, fish slices, large prawn and squid. It tasted acceptable but nothing too excited to the taste buds.

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The very reasonable price (GST inclusive in the listed price and no service charge), generous portions of serving and average food quality could be the reasons why the restaurant is so popular. If you are not too picky about food, Big Eater can be a good place to be considered.

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Big Eater Restaurant Ptd Ltd

Address: No 34, Jalan Pari Burong (Upper Changi Road) Telephone: 6245 7268

Blk 155, #01-324 Bukit Batok Street 11, Singapore 650155 Telephone: 6561 4836

Blk 964, #01-342 Jurong West Street 91, Singapore 640964 Telephone: 6397 0480


Operating Hours:
Mon to Fri: 1030 – 1400, 1630 – 2330 Sat, Sun & PH: 1100 – 2300
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