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Top 4 Best Kway Chap in Singapore

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Best kway chap in singapore

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Who Are The Top 4 Best Kway Chap In Singapore?

Best kway chap in singapore

Kway chap, or kueh chap, is a traditional Teochew dish made of flat and broad rice sheets, boiled and doused in a gravy made with herbs and spices, served with braised meat, peanuts and various type of innards, hard-boiled eggs, beancurd, tau pok and preserved salted vegetables.

What’s considered to be a good kway chap? For us, it consists of:

– a flat rice sheet or “kway” that must be smooth, soft and not too thick.

– dark gravy sauce that must have the right touch and infused with the aroma of herbs and spices

– assorted braised items that must be tender and infused with the essence of gravy. Innards should be cleaned properly and absent of the porky smell.

So, where are the good Kway Chap stalls in Singapore? Here are our choices for the top 4 best Kway Chap in Singapore.

Xing Yun Kway Chap – Closed

Xing Yun Kway Chap 3

Thes “Kway”, gravy and braised items – are all exceptional here, creating a combination that’s enticing for any Kway Chap lover. Do take note that the stall only operates over the weekends from Friday to Sunday. How about other days? Rest and relax.

Blanco courts Kway Chap

Blanco court food centre 2

The perpetual queue here is a common scene in front of the stall, braised items are very good and is a hit with many of their fans. Don’t miss out on trying one of the best Kway Chap in Singapore!

Heng Kee Kway Chap 興記粿汁@ Sim Drive (Our Top pick!)

Heng Kee Kway Chap delectable flat noodles, braised items and tender pork knuckles were indeed succulent, the slurp-worthy breakfast that warrant topping up with more bowls of kway.

While the innards probably the most coveted ingredients for a kway chap stall, what truly catch our attention at Heng Kee Kway Chap was their braised pork trotter ($7 or $8 depends on the size), from our observation, most of the diners ordered this dish to go with the kway chap, curiosity made us decided to give it a try as well and its proven the diners know its best, the pig knuckle was fork-tendered and absorbed all the essence of the rich and flavourful gravy. It was incredibly delicious and went exceptionally well with the kway. Highly recommended dish to order.

Hai Fa Kway Chap

hai fa kway chap 5a

The high price and the arrogant attitude of the stall owner here are the main drawbacks. However, the savory braised assorted items perhaps are their best selling points. If they could work on the price and improve the service standard, perhaps Hai Sing could garner itself even more fans.

Tong Lok Kway Chap

Tong Lok kway chap 4

If you like sweet kway chap, you should not miss this stall. The braised items especially braised pork is something you cannot miss, tender and melt-in-your-mouth. Love it!



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  • Avatar Clive Chong says:

    Can I have the address of the top best 4 kway chap?

  • Avatar TK says:

    Clive, just clink on the pictures or the link highlighted will take you to the page with address and all the details.


  • Avatar Alex Tan says:

    Kway chap lovers, should not miss out Feng Ji Kway chap @ Jalan Batu hawker center.

    Very clean pig innards and skin and aromatic kway chap soup. 1 of the most appetitizing & spicy chilli sauce too.

  • Avatar TK says:

    thanks for the info, we will visit the stall one of the days.

  • Avatar Justin says:

    Xing Yun is closed, but you can eat the same variant called Chris Kway Chap at bedok north pasar 216…. They are uncle (xing yun) and nephew (chris)

  • Avatar TK says:

    Thanks and noted, we have tried Chris Kway Chap and the uncle (Xing Yun) still a notch better in the culinary skills.

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