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Belly View Cafe

Belly View Café

Review written by Glutton Princess – QiQi

My aunt insisted that this place has pretty good Tze Char, so off we went! Located at the Sea Sports Centre of National Service Resort & Country Club, the view like Stella and Gurame Indonesian Restaurant is absolutely lovely, be it if it’s the sea or the hunks and babes. (Whichever catches your attention) Being one of the earliest of the dinner crowd, I have to say Belly View Café was real quiet, making me feel at ease, a great place to have dinner at after a hectic day.

Belly View cafe

Since Belly View Café is famous for its seafood, we decided to order the Assam Fish Head. We also ordered the Kang Kong (our family’s favourite), Hot Plate Tofu, Lemon Chicken and Fu Rong Omelette. Overall, the size of the dishes is relatively huge even though all the dishes were of Medium size!

Assam Fish Head

Belly View cafe

Sitting next to the sea, seafood locally one of our choices, we ordered the Assam Fish head which is supposedly their signature dish. The dish came with the burner to heat up the Assam fish, and even though the burner was burning, the plate of Assam Fish Head hardly felt the sizzling heat, it was not the fire less fiery but thanks to the strong see breeze, the fire wasn’t allowed the fire do its job! The Assam Fish head was fresh but the assam gravy wasn’t too outstanding. Overall this is an average dish that ones can find in any of the Zi char stalls around us. 


Sambal Kang Kong

Belly View cafe

Relatively average, nothing exceptionally fantastic about it. Huge portion though.

Thai Lemon Chicken

Belly View cafe

Belly View cafe

You know how it’s like with Lemon Chicken, it’s just chicken cutlet with lemon sauce, not too much of culinary skills involved. However, my piggy brother insisted on this dish compared to the Gong Bao Chicken which we wanted. Turns out in the end he didn’t like it and as usual, the rest of us have to clear this dish for him. It didn’t taste crappy, just nothing extraordinary.

Hot Plate Tofu

Belly View cafe

Largest portion of Hot Plate Tofu I have seen in my entire life. A little pity it wasn’t tasty enough. The sauce used was slightly on the plain side, and there wasn’t much of a hot plate smell on the tofu. They might have as well served it on a plate.

Fu Rong Omelette

Belly View cafe

My brother and I are huge suckers for anything egg related, so this dish was snagged up in just a couple of minutes. I’m pretty sure this Omelette is my brother’s favourite dish out of all the 5 dishes. Taste wise, real average.

Belly View Café is a place with lovely scenery and is definitely a place to check out if you love alfresco dining. Do take note however, the breeze there might get pretty strong, your dishes will turn cold in a couple of minutes! That said, even though the dishes that we ate weren’t fantastic, Belly View Café is well known for its seafood, so all you seafood fanatics out there might want to give this place a shot, especially so when price is reasonable and servings are HUGE!

 Belly View cafeBelly View cafe

Belly View Café

Address: NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, 11 Changi Coast Walk, (S)499740

Opening Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11:00-22:00



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