Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bee Heng Prawn Noodle

Bee Heng Prawn Noodle @ Serangoon Garden

Mei Heng Prawn Mee

Bee Heng Prawn Noodle has been neglected in many of our visits to the food centre, should we try? This is the first question we asked ourselves and everyone was rummaging on the hand phone looking for information about the stall, unfortunately not so much of the information can be found.

“It’s looks ordinary but let’s try our luck.” This was our very first encounter with Bee Heng Prawn Noodle.

We ordered the dry version of prawn mee for $4 which is quite reasonable for the portion served.

Mei Heng Prawn Mee

Prawn soup is the soul of the good prawn mee and a sip of the soup revealed the surprisingly light but tangy flavour of this concoction, the soup was not overly absorbed the fishiness from the seafood went into brewing the broth, it gives you a very comforting and not embellished by the heavy laden prawn soup we have experienced from many prawn mee stalls around.

Mei Heng Prawn Mee

The yellow noodle and mee hoon were nicely cooked to the right texture, each strain of noodle was much retain the springiness and bloated or soggy noodle was not detected.

The chili sauce base looked deceiving simple but surprisingly good, it was the simplicity speak for the volume, everything in the sauce needed to complement the bowl of noodle for a succulent taste are spot on.

Mei Heng Prawn Mee

Ingredients added e.g. pork slice, fish cake and the prawns were not taken lightly as well, the pork slice was very tender unlike many others which are tough and featureless. Fish cake and prawns are fresh and quality is assured.

Bee Heng Prawn Noodle Verdict :

We are glad making the right choice to try Bee Heng Prawn Noodle. The attention to the details in every ingredient used to the masterfully crafted broth and the sauce as well as the impressively done noodle. It is indeed a very good bowl of prawn mee that we have not encountered for quite some time.

It is a little gem that we just unearthed, may be time to update the Best Prawn Mee in Singapore?

Bee Heng Prawn Noodle Details :

Address: Serangoon Garden Food Centre, 53 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555949
Operating Hours: 7am to 4pm daily


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