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Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon 美芝路鱼头米粉

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Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon美芝路鱼头米

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The forever perpetual long queue was a common scene at the stall, however, no media report, no accolade recognition, no rave review and what it has is the only seemingly non-stop queue. It must have it own exquisiteness to lure the attention and our curiosity ended us joining the crowd.

We ordered the fried fish bee hoon and the clear broth fish soup.

Fried Fish Bee Hoon

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Most of the fried fishhead bee hoon with added evaporated milk tends to be too generous in the milk and transformed the broth into a robustly rich bowl of whitish solution, the overwhelming milky taste sometime go to the extent of easily feel cloying after few mouthful of the noodles. However, this is not the case for Beach road fishhead bee hoon, the evaporated milk was not overpowered the original tastefulness of the broth, right portion of milk blended perfectly well to provide a sumptuous and flavourful broth to the taste.

beach road fish head bee hoon 4

The fried fish was equally delightful and impressive, the masterfully culinary skills in whipping out almost perfect fried fish was praiseworthy. We have to agree that we truly enjoyed the softness of the internal and the slight crisp external of the fried fish coupled with the fragrance of the seasoning, a hearty bowl of fish soup noodle that highly commendable.  

Clear Fish Soup

beach road fish head bee hoon 5

Our beloved fish soup was served with generous portion of fresh fish slices, what heavenly was the clear broth that was utterly delicious and divine, the medley of perfect sweetness and the slight saltiness from the added trodden fried flatfish accentuated the broth and enthrall the taste buds to the limits. We are enchanted by the enticing and myriad flavour in the broth and the unraveled freshness of the fish slice. If we have to be really finicky about the fish soup, perhaps the use of tastier Batang (mackerel) fish than the cheaper snakehead could be the area for improvement.    

beach road fish head bee hoon 6

Overall, Beach Road Fishhead Bee Hoon is truly a real hidden gem in this oldies food centre. The fish soup has set the flavour roll apart from most other renowned stalls. If there is a choice of our favourite fish soup, we adamantly put our full endorsement with Beach Road Fishhead Bee Hoon.

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  • Avatar Wai-Hong Tang says:

    As I recall, any good chef who prepares fish soup in the authentic Cantonese way will achieve the whitish colour soup through their cooking skills. I also recalled that the adding of evaporated milk only appears sometime in the late eighties. It was done to mask their lacking in cooking skills. So in my opinion, any fish soup dish that has evaporated milk added to it to give the soup the white colour appearance has nothing to boast about the cooking skills of the chef.

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