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BBQ seafood – Chomp Chomp

BBQ seafood – Stingray, Lala and zi char

Chomp Chomp is well known for the smoky charred BBQ seafood for all of us, in a relatively small food centre, you can easily find at least four BBQ seafood stalls selling similar seafood and chi zhar dishes. Our last visit can be back dated to few years ago and now the craving once brought us back here to refresh the memory.

Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood

We ordered the stingray from two of the famous one, Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuen BBQ seafood and Lucy BBQ Seafood just for comparison, both served their BBQ stingray in banana leaf and grilled with sambal chili. Both stingray were fresh, the meat was tender and juicy, however, we found the sambal chili used by Hai Wei Yuen was too salty and lacked of the much needed spiciness and the good sambal characteristic, the sambal chili was ordinary and not impressive enough to create a differentiation of themselves from the rest.

Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood








We tried the other strong contender from Lucy BBQ Seafood, the stingray has a more distinctive sambal chilli but the stall seems to be too stingy in the chili, more than half of the stingray was not dosed by the chili paste, perhaps the chef was thinking to allow the customers to enjoy the original taste of the stingray by cutting down the chili, however, BBQ stingray without the zest from the sambal chili to perk up the flavour somehow made the taste less endearing.

Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood









The sambal Lala from Hai Wei Yuen tasted rather similar, seems like they used the same sambal chili for all their BBQ seafood dishes, unfortunately, the overwhelm saltiness of the sambal chili can’t bring up the flavour of the dishes or blend well with the food. The Sambal Kang Kong was fresh and not overcooked but the chili didn’t blend well with the vegetable and left us with such disappointment.

Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood Chomp Chomp BBQ Seafood









Overall, the price to the portion of the food served by the stall can’t really justify the value we paid too. However, may be Chomp Chomp is over hyped and that allows the command of a better price than the rest, otherwise, the newer food centre nearby may be a better choice for us.


Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan BBQ Seafood 忠忠海味园BBQ海鲜烧烤

Address: 20 Kensington Park Road

#01-01 Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Operating Hours: 5pm-12am Off: Monday

Lucy BBQ Seafood

Address: 20 Kensington Park road

Stall 5/6 Chomp Chomp Food Centre



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