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Bangrak Thai Kitchen – (CLOSED)

Bangrak Thai Kitchen (CLOSED)

 Bangrak Thai Kitchen 6

Our original plan was to visit the Soi Thai Kitchen a few doors away but decided to try Bangrak Thai kitchen instead, a tough decision since both Thai restaurants are relatively new setups here and so near to each other, we couldn’t choose! We have a soft spot for Thai food and were really excited to try out this place.

Maybe because it’s a new business, their inexperience showed: our first visit to the shop did not impress us with their many hiccups. For example, the self-service check menu is incomplete with some of the main courses missing in the list and you have to fill in the blanks yourself. When serving the dishes, two of the dishes were completely missed out, and ever after we reminded the crew, we were served with only one of the missing dishes. In the end but we decided to abort the last dish since we had already finished our entire main course – and what was left out was in fact the appetizer!

Green Salad mango ($4.90) – Ordered but never served, a big disappointment.

Garlic Chicken ($5.90) – a popular dish recommended to us, the chicken was wok fried with garlic and black sauce, garlic flavour was not too overwhelming. But we found that the overall dish was too ordinary and lacking in character.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 2

Stir-fry KangKong Thai style ($5.90) – The price may be cheaper than most Tze Char stalls but the portion was miserably small, to make thing worse, 80% of the KangKong was stalk and few leaves could be found. The stalk was crunchy but again the dish was lacking in fragrance and taste.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 5

Clear Tom Yam seafood soup ($7.90) – The excessive chili padi in the soup made the broth fiercely hot, one of the hottest we’ve ever tasted, we believe some might not be able to take the heat. Maybe due to cost control, the amount of ingredients found in the soup was miserly and could have compromised the flavour of the soup.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 3

Pandan leaf chicken (2 pcs $5.90) – The pandan flavour was nicely permeated into the chicken meat, the chunk of chicken meat was tender and together with the just right amount of seasoning, made the pandan leaf chicken a delicious dish that you should not miss.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 7

Omelette pork ($5.90) – Omelette is one of the dishes we love to order when visiting Thai restaurants. Thai Omelette requires good seasoning and is deep fried in oil to create its fluffy texture. The Omelette here was mouth-watering, we couldn’t get enough of it!

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 8

Pineapple rice ($5.90) – The rice grain was one of the smallest we have ever seen used in pineapple rice, and the pineapple was cut to a much too small cube. That aside, you can still certainly appreciate the sweetness of the fruit, and while the rice had a light touch with their seasoning, it was still acceptable to us overall.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 9

Phad Thai Noodle ($5.90) – The noodle turned out to be a completely disastrous dish, as the noodle tasted nothing but just sweet sweet sweet, obviously from the excessive use of sweet sauce. We are sure the whole plate of noodle was messed up during the preparation or cooking process; no professional chef should allow such a mistake – this was really almost inedible.

Bangrak Thai Kitchen 10

Overall, while we understand Bangrak Thai Kitchen is a new set up, there are lots of areas that need immediate improvement e.g. from the basic food ordering system to the control of the food quality; these are fairly basic expectations but critical for Bangrak Thai if they want to continue attracting patrons. We shall give them some time to improve, and perhaps the Glutton family will return in the future to try the food again. Time will tell if this review is an accurate assessment of their culinary abilities!

 Bangrak Thai Kitchen 1  

Bangrak Thai Kitchen

Address: Blk 824 Tampines Street 81 Singapore 520824 (NOT IN OPERATION: CLOSED)

Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm




  1. Hi Mr Chua & Family

    I am apologetic on the poor dining experience that you had with your family.
    Thank you for sharing your review as it will give us a valuable chance to improve on our food and service procedure.

    We are committed and pride ourselves in serving good authentic Thai cuisine and rest assured that we will take heed in the feedback seriously .
    We have a weekly session / regular food review sessions with our chefs and we are in the procces of revamping our menu designs.

    We would like to sincerely invite you on the launch of it and will love to get your valuable feedback again.
    Please do not hesitate to reach me at 83736594.

    The Management of Bangrak Thai Kitchen

  2. We will certainly be back with the new menu and improvement. Thanks for taking our review seriously.


  3. TB, Thanks for the feedback, as we have more than 700 reviews in our database and it is really difficult for us to monitor the status of every outlet and we hope to seek the understanding of our challenge. In fact, we rely heavily on your feedback and truly appreciate your efforts to keep us informed the change. Once again thanks for the help and we will update the status accordingly.

  4. TB, we greatly appreciate your feedback to keep us update of the changes and we have updated the changes accordingly. In fact, We are very much relied on the updates from our readers to help maintaining the status of more than 700 eateries we have published, as it is almost not possible to do it with our limited resources. Thanks for the understanding and continue to keep us informed for any changes and errors!


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