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Bangkok – Good Food in Bangkok

Bangkok – Good Food in Bangkok

Sawadeecap! Here is the summary of places for good food you should consider to explore in Bangkok.

 1. SomTam Urban Eatery @ Siam Centre

 Thai Salad 90Thb/S$3.60
Bangkok 18

Lots of things went into the salad, green papaya, sausage, cherry tomatoes, fried pork skin, dried shrimp, ham, long bean, peanut etc. sweet, sour and spicy are the character of Thai salad and a good appetizer to start the meal.

Stir fried Thai rice flour noodle 100Thb/S$4.0
Bangkok 20

Not for those with weak tolerance of fiercely chili. Same toppings as the Thai salad mentioned above. Noodle was soggy but tasty.

Fried Chicken wing150Thb/S$6.0

 Bangkok 19

Deep fried chicken wings, crispy skin with garlicky flavour similar to the IKEA chicken wings in Singapore. The meat was moist and juicy. Not bad overall.

Overall, unlike most of the restaurants that have modified the taste to suit the tourists, SomTam Urban Eatery is the place for authentic Thai food with reasonable price and average food.

Address: Siam Centre (same level as Food Republic) 392/14 Soi Siam Square 5,  Rama 1 Road.  4th floor

Telephone:+66 (0) 22 51 4880

Hours:10:45 a.m.-9.30 p.m.

2. Hua Seng Hong Shark fin – Chinatown

Hua Seng Hong Shark fin serves the local Chinese food incorporated the Thai flavour in many of the dishes. This is one of the anchored restaurants in the Chinatown and highly popular amongst the tourists.

Claypot prawn noodle 
Bangkok 27

Another Thai specialty, the glass noodle was cooked with prawn in the claypot. Noodle was fine but the prawn was overcooked and bland.

Fried Kang Kong
Bangkok 25

Cooked with bean paste, garlic and chili, nothing to shout about.

Crab meat Shark fin 500thb/S$20
Bangkok 24

Served with crab meat, scallops, shark fin, mushrooms and vegetables. It tasted reasonably good and value for the money.

Overall, though Hua Seng Hong Shark fin is a Chinese restaurant but it actually serves more on the Thai Chinese dishes, food are reasonable tasty and price is very affordable compared to Singapore.

Address: 371-373 Thanon Yaowarat road, Chinatown, Bangkok 10100.

Telephone: +66 2 222 0635

Hours: Daily 11am – 12 midnight

3. Coconut ice-cream 40thb/S$1.60
Bangkok 29

We tried at least three stalls of Coconut Ice cream at various places and the one at Chinatown is the best in our opinion. It is even better than the most famous one at Chaktucak. The winning formula was the wonderful taste of the coconut ice cream, perfect young coconut fresh and the right dose of the Carnation milk and well roasted peanuts. Looking for best Coconut Ice cream ? This is where you should try.

4. Nai Mong Hoi Thod 

 Bangkok 35

It’s meant Madam Mong Fried Oyster.

Nai Mong Hoi Thod is a small shop specialized in fried oyster, we ordered the crispy version since that is the most popular dish. The portion was very small and you probably need two to three plates (may be four if my son comes along!) to fill your stomach. The omelette basically was deep fried in the wok of oil and that is how to achieve the crispiness. However, the highlight was the oyster which was fresh, fat and juicy. Love it.

Address: at the end of Trok Charoen Chai 2

5.Thai Noodle Soup

 Bangkok 52

Thai Noodle Soup is located in a small alley from the main road and make sure you don’t miss the lane. We reached there around 11am and the perpetual queue was already stretched more than two shops away. In the shop, prepare to be part of the sardine packed crowd and limited movement space.

Bangkok 53

We ordered the famous wanton mee, wanton soup and their popular braised pork knuckles. Supposed a local eatery place but surprisingly, surrounded us were all spoken in an even familiar Singapore accent. Singaporean loves to eat has once again testified here in the foreign land.

Bangkok 51

The uniqueness of this wanton mee was the fragrance from the lard and soy sauce used in the noodle, not the usual chili sauce you used to get in Singapore. If you have tried Eng Wanton mee at Tanjong Katong, both are fairly similar except Eng Wanton mee is more distinct with the sesame aroma whereby Thai Noodle Soup was more evident with the fragrance from the lard.

Bangkok 54

Wanton soup was average but the pork knuckle was stunningly tender and nicely braised.

Overall, Thai Noodle Soup is a shop worth the visit for a bowl of good wanton mee and braised pork knuckle. (One interesting observation, somehow, for the few days of visits to all the eateries, the portion of serving was relatively small. Or it could be Singaporean are big eater:))

Address: Soi Petchaburi 19 (when facing the Platinum Fashion Mall from across the road, walk to the right till you see a side road, you will see a goldsmith shop, turn into the lane and you will see the shop at your right less than 50 meter away)

Hours: 10am – 3pm

6. R & L Seafood

We had last round at the T & K Seafood in a restaurant setting and now we headed for the road side seafood stall to compare the standard. R & L Seafood is just right opposite T & K Seafood but mainly make up as a makeshift road side open air stall with tables and chairs occupying the pavement, they do have an air conditioning room but how often you got a chance to dine at road side back in Singapore?

Salted grilled Fish 300thb/S$12

 Bangkok 89

Fish was Fresh and tender, simply grilled using salt and truly enjoyed the goodness of the fish. Sizable fish that worth the value.

Tom Yum Soup 150thb/$6

 Bangkok 93

This is so far the better one we came across in this few days, the quintessential Thai aroma shape this classic Thai soup giving it a legendary punch, the use of better quality ingredients and seasoning result in a bowl of tangy, spicy and authentic Thai iconic soup. A few notches up compared to the Tom Yum soup from T & K Seafood.

Shark fin soup

 Bangkok 90

Average and nothing to praise about.

Fried Mimosas 

 Bangkok 91

Fried Mimosa is something less common in Singapore, fried with the garlic, chilic and fermented bean paste, the taste and feel of the texture were not able to inject the excitement in our tastebuds. You can give it a try but adherence to something more familiar probably a safer choice when come to selection of the green on the menu.

Bird nest with Ginko nut 250thb/$10

 Bangkok 94

Sugary sweet and we have to add extra ice cube to dilute the sweetness. The Ginko was good but bird nest not that great.

Overall, compared the T& K seafood versus R & L seafood, our vote go to R & L seafood, not just from the overall food quality but the slightly cheaper in price as well.

Amongst the three eatery outlets we have tried in Chinatown, our preference goes to  R & L seafood and Hua Seng Hong SharkFin. So, If you are around in Chinatown next time, you may want to try it out.

R & L (Rut & Lek) Seafood

Address: Phadung Dao Rd, Yaowarat Rd

Hours: Open Mon-Tue, 19:00-3:00;Wed-Thurs 21:00-12:00; Fri-Sun 18:00-01:00

ask for Soi Texas on Yaowarat road

7. After You @ Siam Square 

After You cafe is one of the popular cafes in Thailand, the close proximity to Baan Khun Mae making it a natural choice for the sweet tooth.

Shibuya Honey Toast 155/175thb S$6.50/$7.50
Bangkok 101

Thick butter toast served with ice cream, the thick bread could be a stress to already full capacity stomaches from the Baan Khun Mae. However, the marvelous toast was just such a seduction to win the gluttony tastebuds, highly recommended.

Chocolate Lava 155/ S$6.50
Bangkok 102

Moist and rich chocolate cake hidden the nice and the molten chocolate lava, nice pairing with the not too sweet ice cream.

Overall, if you are looking for quality desserts in Bangkok, After You is unanimously one of the better choice. After You cafe may not have the unique theme design compared to Mr Jones Orphanage or Hello Kitty (our next stop), however, it wins the hearts of the sweet tooth by a significant margin when quality desserts are the concerns.

Address: After You Cafe @ Siam Square One SQ1

8. Som Boon Seafood restaurant @ Siam square one
Bangkok 110

The creator of yellow curry crab, the signature dish has won many royal patrons and you should not miss ordering this dish for any visit to this restaurant. The non spicy curry was unpretentious, savoury and make you scoop up every drop of the gravy. A must try when you visit Som Boon Seafood restaurant (Be careful the fake Som Boon Seafood restaurant offering the same dishes, some Taxi drivers who is conspiring with the copycats for a commission, always find out the location first)

Last but not least, the cut fruit eg. pineapple was very sweet and juicy, a must try here. mango and guava are their local production and should not be missed as well. (Note: Buy from those stalls with proper cover and not exposed to open air for hygiene propose).

Bangkok 13

Push cart stall selling freshly squeezed local orange and pomegranate fruits can be found in every corner of the streets. If you like sweet fruit juice, both should fulfill your wish. To us, both are just a tad too sweet.


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