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Bangkok – Best Ku Chai Kueh

Bangkok – Best Ku Chai Kueh

Bangkok is not just a shopping paradise, it is a well-known place for some of the world best food, especially many succulent food that hidden in the back alleys, shophouses or in a modern food court.

Bangkok food has a strong influence from the Chinese migrants, braised and roasted meat, porridge (Yes! Bangkok has the best Teochew fish and pork porridge), noodles, buns and the Ku Chai Kueh!

Ku Chai Kueh is a Traditional Teochew snack and you can find one of the best Ku Chai Kueh in Bangkok right in the Siam food court situated in the Siam Centre.

Ku Chai Kueh @ Siam Center

The Ku Chai Kueh here is usually deep fried in a pot of oil before pan fried to achieve the lovely crisp skin, the skin was thin and ku Chai or Chinese Chives are visible from the outside, what we appreciated most is the natural fragrance from the ku chai with its marvellous seasoning was allowed to shine, the bold flavour was at the forefront of our palates and the crisp skin and a little char were just trailing behind, so good that we have to go for repeat orders just to fulfil the strong craving for this wonderful snack. Remember! Always asked for the double deep fry (Oil fried followed by pan fried) instead of steam, not healthy? Yes but come on, why want to miss out the best of the best?

Beside the Ku Chai Kueh, the stall sells other kueh like Yam kueh, BaKwang kueh, Soon kueh as well, however, all of them can’t really hold the candle to the signature Ku Chai Kueh.

Assortment of kueh @ Siam Center

Assortment of Kueh @ Siam Center

The same ku chai kueh stall can also be found in the new IconSiam shopping mall that is located along Chao Praya river in Khlong San, Bangkok and has been dubbed as the “mother of all malls”, taking up over 525,000 square metres and house the iconic indoor floating market. It is one of the stalls located along the in-house floating river, a Thai iconic scene specially created to house some of the famous and popular street food stalls in Bangkok.


Ku Chai Kueh @ IconSiam

Indoor Floating Market@IconSiamOur verdict

There could be a long list of good food in Bangkok that enjoyed by many but two of the most underrated best food hardly mentioned are in fact the Jok – Thai fish or pork porridge (the Teochew watery style not Cantonese thick and rich style ) and the Ku Chai Kueh, both are not the target of the main stream by the media but you should seriously give it a try, we bet you wouldn’t regret it.


Siam Center

A: Rama I Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand

LRT: Siam Station

W: www.siamceter.co.th

IconSiam shopping mall

A: 299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand

W: https://www.iconsiam.com/en


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