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Bahrakath Mutton Soup – best mutton soup (Sup Kambing) in town?

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Bahrakath Mutton Soup – Best Mutton Soup / Sup Kambing in town?

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There are several famous food stalls in the Adam Food Centre, Bahrakath Mutton Soup is consistently named as one of the stalls popular for its mutton soup. A name well known for those who has a soft spot for this delicacy.

We ordered the mutton meat to go with the soup, of course, you can have different choices for the soup, besides mutton meat, you can opt for tongue, brain, ribs or leg ribs for a bowl of $5 to $8 soup to go with bread at the cost of $1.  

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Since Mutton soup is soup based, the soup practically carries a heavy weigh in the review, Bahrakath Mutton Soup is flavoured with lots of spices, with the sprinkled of shallots and chopped coriander to create the additional fragrance. The soup was rich and definitely not the diluted version you used to get from other mutton soup stalls. The soup was salivating at the first mouthful and you can instantly taste the essence of the mutton from the hours of simmering efforts that went into the big pot. We like the tanginess and the robustness of the soup, it gave us the substantial rich feeling and absolutely fulfilling. 

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The chunks of mutton were surprisingly tenderly cooked and tasty; the mutton stench was not noticeable, probably covered by the piquant of the spices and the coriander aroma. We never got to try the more adventurous mutton tongue or brain but our stomach fully contented with bowl of scrumptious mutton meat soup.

Overall, Bahrakath Mutton Soup is certainly qualified to one of the best mutton soups in Singapore, though this is one of the sinfully high cholesterol food, but you should at least to have a sip of it to appreciate the beauty of the broth.   

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Bahrakath Mutton Soup

Address: #01-10, Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road

Operating Hours: Daily: 13:00 – 03:00


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