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Arnold’s Fried Chicken Review – Another Fingers Licking Good..

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When come to fried chicken, ones will naturally like to benchmark Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for its even popular “Colonel Sanders,” chicken. Arnold’s Fried Chicken may sound western but this is in reality a local enterprise, a halal fast food chain founded more than 30 years ago and has a pool of loyal followers with its sumptuous fried chicken.

All Arnold’s Fried Chicken are farm fresh, then specially marinated and deep fried till golden brown as what mentioned in the menu. How truth is it?

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The half Spring Chicken Meal $7.10 was nicely fried to a light golden brown colour with a thin crispy layer of skin. Compared to KFC, Arnold’s fried chicken was far superior in their tenderness and juiciness, you can see the glittering oil dripping when bite through the meat, perhaps it was the farm fresh young spring chicken and not frozen adult chicken that makes the difference.

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While it was sinfully enjoyable with the chicken texture and well marinated skin, however, in term of flavour, we got to admit Arnold’s Fried Chicken is not as flavoursome as KFC, it just lacking the fragrance of the herbs and tasted bland. Something we really hope Arnold’s Fried Chicken can improvise the recipe and infuse more zest to the chicken.


Potato Platter $6.50

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The potato platter $6.50 consists of chips, wedges and cross-cut fries. It is hard to resist the crispiness and fragrance of the fried batter.

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Soup of the Day $3.20

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Chicken soup was light but surprisingly tasted reasonably good.

Overall, Arnold’s Fried Chicken delivers “finger licking good” fried chicken with its tender and juicy meat, though the seasoning can be further enhanced to boost up the flavour of the chicken.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken


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Tel: 6746 2372

21 Hougang Street 51, Hougang Green Shopping Mall #01-49, Singapore 538719
Tel: 6386 9015

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Tel: 6757 7732

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