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Apollo Nasi Lemak @ Paya Lebar Square

Apollo Nasi Lemak @ Paya Lebar Square

Located at Paya Lebar Square – a shopping cum commercial building located right next to the Paya Lebar MRT, Apollo Nasi Lemak is a new setup offering traditional Nasi Lemak with a modern twist.  An eatery shop with a seating capacity of about 30, Apollo Nasi Lemak also offers takeaway and delivery services.

The legacy of this traditional Malay breakfast meal continues to evolve with time and dining at Apollo Nasi Lemak offers you plenty of choices and combinations, making it fairly easy to find one that suits your palates.

We had four of the most popular options on the menu.

The common items on the plate besides rice, are a fried egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, Japanese cucumber and sambal chilli to complement the set.

The rice is fragrant with hint of coconut and pandan flavour. It may be a little mushy but we love the overall well-balanced taste. ikan bilis or tiny fried anchovies are delightfully crispy and a perfect match with the fried peanuts, Apollo Nasi Lemak uses better quality anchovies and peanuts to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Sambal chilli may seem like a mere condiment but in reality, it is one of the key ingredients to determine the Nasi Lemak’s quality. Fortunately, the sambal chili sauce at Apollo Nasi Lemak did not fail us; it has the right spiciness, sweetness and flavour to entice the tastebuds.

Apollo Boneless Set $7.90

Apollo Boneless Set $7.90
One chicken cutlet, fish fillet, luncheon meat, egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, Japanese cucumber and sambal chilli.

If you are too lazy to gnaw on the bone or scraping at meat is something that you do not enjoy, the Apollo Boneless set is an ideal choice. The chicken cutlet and fish fillet are juicy and tender. Together with luncheon meat, egg and other side dishes, you can enjoy a plate of delicious Nasi Lemak without all the hassle of wrangling with bones.

Apollo 123 ($7.90)

Apollo 123 Set $7.90
One chicken wing, two ikan kuning, three slices of pork belly, egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, Japanese cucumber and sambal chilli.

If you like to have variety in your meal, the Apollo 123 set is be a good choice, you can sample a few of the most popular items from the menu: a nicely seasoned and battered chicken wing with a fresh medium-sized ikan kuning and a deep fried pork belly.

Belly Good Set ($6.90)

Apollo Belly Good Set
Pork belly, egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, Japanese cucumber and sambal chilli.

Thinly sliced pork belly seasoned and deep fried, serves as the main dish for this set meal, the pork belly is crispy but has some fat to keep the meat juicy and moist. The skin of pork belly hardens slightly to a chewy consistency if left to cool, so do consume as soon as possible to enjoy that freshly fried texture. We found the pork belly flavourful and an interesting new creation that is well worth the try.

Drumstick Set ($6.90)

Apollo Drumstick Set ($6.90)
One chicken drumstick, egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, Japanese cucumber and sambal chilli.

The chicken was well-seasoned and flavourful on the outside, however, the inside may be a little bland and more time may be needed to allow the seasoning to fully infuse the meat.

Otah and Vegetable Curry

We tried these two additional side dishes. In our opinion, the otah was acceptable, however the curry was lacking the texture, flavour, and spiciness needed for a more robust taste.

Note: Other side orders available include mackerel otah, cabbage curry, spring rolls, fishcakes, chicken nuggets, potato cutlets and more.

Our verdict:

A departure from the monotonous simplicity of coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves with a small ikan kuning and a slice of fried egg, Apollo Nasi Lemak offers you a variety of fresh choices. From the classic traditional kuning set at $3.90 to the premium Galaxy Set with lobster at $24.90, you can probably agree that Nasi Lemak has a completely new and modern definition. At Apollo Nasi Lemak , you can definitely find the right combination and enjoy a sumptuous Nasi Lemak meal.


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