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Amy Laksa

Amy Laksa

Gordon Ramsay took on the challenge to rival the famous Katong 328 laksa to crown the laksa King or Queen, but he attained to dethrone the Queen of Laksa eventually found to be futile. As a Singaporean, we are glad the legacy of Singapore is not something could be easy replicated. Singapore Laksa – the iconic orangey gravy and the white noodles served in a bowl has its tremendous depth in the flavour and aroma, enticing many of the hearts in Singapore slurping up bowl after bowl of this sinfully dish.

amy laksa 2

Amy Laksa may not be too eminent compared to the famous Katong laksa, however, she has a group of royal followers help to shape the snaking queue waiting patiently daily for the bowl of tangy noodle.

Amy’s Laksa

amy laksa 4

How good is the laksa compared to Katong 328 laksa? Well, taste could be subjective to the individual; Amy Laksa has rich gravy enhanced with coconut milk but less heavy to Katong328 Laksa, making it a well balanced creamy delight, the tangy and nice fragrance emanated from the secret ingredients was simply scrumptious, slurping up the smooth noodles with the savoury gravy with the generous servings of tau pok (fried bean curd), fish cake, cockles and bean sprouts was just extraordinary, Amy laksa clearly defined this classic bowl of delicacy.

amy laksa 3

Amy laksa has satisfied our taste buds, if Katong 328 laksa has won over the hearts of Singaporean, we adamantly sticking by our opinion that Amy laksa is ready to stand up for any of the challenge.

amy laksa 1

 Amy’s Laksa

Address: The Marketplace@58

Block 58, New Upper Changi Road, #01-176

Operating Hours: Open 7am to 1pm Rest on Mon



  1. I have try this recently and don’t find it is good, it is no different just taking another bowl of katong laksa with coconut milk cover up 5he real taste. If a real laksa taste should have a continuity taking another bowl with no soup left over the bowl. So far only Sungei Road Laksa are able to take 2 bowls continue with left no more soup at the bowl. This show Sungei Road Laksa is not using coconut milk to cover the curry and dried prawn taste.

  2. Amy Laksa is average and agree with your there are better one around, yet to try the original Sungei road Laksa. Thanks

  3. The Laksa at Sunshine Place Kopitiam Foodcourt is the best. Better than 328, Amy, Sungei Road.


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