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AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

AMUSE Social Gathering

I didn’t find out about AMUSE Social Gathering until I had to meet some colleagues at Dorsette, and I walked by their entrance. Some people have mentioned they’ve been around for a while now, but not many people I know have tried it, so I took this as a sign that I should pay a visit.

You can see AMUSE Social Gathering by the lobby, and right below the ‘Dorsett’ – so it’s not so difficult to spot when you get to the hotel.

AMUSE Social Gathering
Image From AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

Well, the interior of the restaurant is refreshing. It’s not very boastful, and it’s very pleasing to the eyes. The restaurant doesn’t seem dark or too crowded. The colour of the walls and the accents are light, they make the entire place seem bigger and brighter.

The inner counter has a plant display that does add a good touch to the entire place – fortunately not overdressing the place.

As for their menu, you can see that they offer different varieties of cuisines. From Modern Asian to fusion to Western favourites and Italian classics. You can chIt’s a greatly put-together menu, and let’s see if you can guess what I actually chose out of the list.

AMUSE Social Gathering
Image From AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

Dorsett, Singapore – 333 New Bridge Road, Singapore

Contact Number:

Service Hours:
6:30 – 10:30 PM


Social Media:
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

The AMUSE Social Gathering Menu

AMUSE Social Gathering
Image From AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

The Cheesy French Toast (S$9.00) was just intended to be an appetiser since I was with a couple of my friends. While it is a French toast, I think it’s more of Kaya toast – more love for the Kaya butter!

It’s crunchy, a classic taste and it made me feel like I was a child, home again and in front of the breakfast table. A “kudos” for serving it with a perfect pair of boiled eggs and just the right amount of cheese to complement the toast.

AMUSE Social Gathering
Image From AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

If there’s one thing that would go well with salmon, it’s potatoes. And, not everyone would agree with me. But, if people actually tried this, they would change their minds. It was flavorful and very right for anyone’s taste buds – the Salmon Potato Cake (S$10.00). It wasn’t too fishy or starchy, it was cooked well. Not too salty, not too bland – it kept just the right amount of flavours to appreciate the difference of the ingredients.

I love how Catch In The Pan (S$21.00) just suited my taste in how fish is prepared. To be honest, I am rarely fond of fish that is not fried – oil or air fried. The fishy smell always throws me off the dish – but the perfect frying will remove that smell from the fish and leave the freshness intact.

The new potatoes with the fish is also the perfect pair for the well-seasoned plate of fish – seared well and prepared for consumption. I’d always go for this particular dish in the restaurants I go, too – regardless of my love for red meat and its varieties.

AMUSE Social Gathering
Image From AMUSE Social Gathering, Singapore

The Sirloin Steak (S$21.00) was nicely prepared, and I’m always happy for a steak not overcooked. There’s never an excuse for a well-done steak. On a lighter note, I like how the red wine brought out the flavour and juices of the steak, leaving it still a very flavourful dish to savour. It’s not my favourite of the ordered food, but it isn’t so bad either.

AMUSE Social Gathering is a nice restaurant that serves good and tasty food. It’s decent, and the entire place is very clean, even the arrangement of seats doesn’t make the place look cramped.

Have you been to AMUSE Social Gathering? How was your experience? What’s your favourite dish?



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