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Amigo Noodles

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Amigo Noodles

Fish Ball noodles, minced meat noodles, Ipoh Hor Fun, laksa, Wanton noodles, Chicken chop hor fun, dumpling soup….almost every dish sold at the stall is attached with recommendation tag from the media or famous food review authorities. Don’t play play.

I was hesitating what to order looking at the heavy publicity of the dishes; not too passionate those on the signboard, I opted their mee suan minced meat noodles instead, a dish that was not too prominently promoted at the stall but highly regarded by many of the royal customers for years.

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Amigo Noodles

Traditional fish ball noodles, mee pok or mee kia are the norm, however, this is a first time that I came across using mee suan in this delicacy. We know it is a daunting task to cook using mee suan due to the nature of the noodles; the stall takes on the challenge and no reason not to give it a try.

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We were surprised and impressed with the quality of the noodles, the mee suan was perfectly done, not too soggy or too raw, the well balance in the seasoning of vinegar and the sauces transformed the noodle into a bowl of succulent yummy meal. By now, I do understand why there is always a group of faithful followers on the peculiar dish, and I believe they just got another new additional to the group.

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Amigo Noodles

Address: Changi Village Food Centre
Blk 2
#01-34 Changi Village Road
Telephone: 94553631

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays




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