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Ambush-Pan European Dining, Singapore (Junction 8)

Ambush-Pan European Dining at Junction 8, Singapore

We all know how expensive some specialties of European cuisine are. But, here’s Ambush-Pan European Dining to tell you otherwise!

Ambush-Pan European Dining is a European restaurant in Singapore that offers everyone’s favorite from waffles to pasta to the meaty goodness of their steaks. The best thing about all this is how affordable it is for everyone. If you’ve never tried dining here, it’s about time you should.

My friends and I always grab the chance to dine at the Ambush branch located inside Junction 8, and it is always a fun dinner! They have an amazing array of dishes to choose from. Their menus are filled with plates of pasta and amazingly prepared meat dishes to order when you dine at any Ambush branch.

Ambush-Pan European Dining
Image From Ambush-Pan European Dining

The Cuisine of Ambush-Pan European Dining

Choose from their selections of sausages and paellas that would give you a burst of rich European cuisine. Some of the inspirations of the dishes come all the way from Spain, France and Germany. Make sure to get the best recommendations as soon as you get your seat.

In this review, I sat with three friends at Ambush-Pan European Dining, Junction 8 for an evening dining experience. The experience was actually pretty neat and clean. And, it’s more spacious and comfortable than the other branch. This doesn’t mean the quality of food is lower in the other branch but expect a slight difference in comfort. It could get pretty crowded.

The food at Ambush is really good, and they really do serve their portions generously. The quality of food in terms of taste and texture is actually impressive – even when the restaurant is in full swing. They’re very consistent with their make on flavors and services.

Ambush-Pan European Dining – 9 Bishan Place, Junction 8, #02 – 19-20 & #02-27, Singapore 579837

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Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM



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Ambush-Pan European Dining (Junction 8) Menu

Ambush-Pan European Dining
Image From Ambush-Pan European Dining

The Swiss-German Platter (S$13.50) is a good plate you can do well with sharing, in my opinion. This plate has chicken garlic and chicken cheese sausages, bockwurst sausages and pasta on the side. It’s like a sailor’s meal! That’s why I think it’s best for sharing because it’s really generously served, and I still want to try everything on our menu.

After trying the platter, I was still astonished by the quality and amount of food, considering how affordable the food was. Almost everything we ordered was perfect for sharing, but the prices were very affordable and meant for a solo person’s meal.

One of the best parts of the menu we ordered from is the Steak and Fries (S$13.50) combo. I didn’t really like the fries when it got cold, it tasted like hard, cold oil – but not to that extremity. 

The Seafood Bisque (S$16.80) at Ambush is insane! I have always loved seafood bisques, but the one at Ambush was quite different. 

Ambush-Pan European Dining
Image From Ambush-Pan European Dining

I am that type of person that doesn’t finish the soup in the bowl – the one who just eats most of the content and gets a few spoonful sips of soup for a bit more flavor. I don’t always like how the soup just extracts most of the flavor in a dish.

The seafood bisque at Ambush-Pan European Dining was more on the loose and saucy side, which I loved so much because of how the flavors of seafood just cling to the linguine. Mussels, scallops, prawns and spinach are properly seasoned; and with the sauce just right, you won’t help but get another taste of the pasta.

To be entirely honest, it’s my first time to eat Garlic Butter Escargots (S$6.50). I didn’t know what to expect. And, when a friend ordered it, I was pressured into trying. I was more worried about the fact that the garlicky escargots didn’t taste like snails at all, and they were delicious. I wouldn’t know if they were escargots at all.

So… how many pastas have I tried in my life that had escargots without me knowing? I’m curious. Are escargots always cooked this deliciously, or is it just Ambush, Junction 8 in Singapore? I’d like to know your opinions!

The Schweinshaxe – or in easier to pronounce terms, the German Roasted Pork Knuckle (Full S$28.00, Half S$18.50) is an amazing pork dish that I definitely loved. My advice if you order this dish is to dig in on it as soon as you can. 

It’s nice when you catch that hot, glistening skin that just crunches when you take a bite, which is the best time to eat this dish – while it’s still hot and fresh from the pan. I also liked how the brown sauce and the radish just complimented the pork knuckle. I love it when restaurants just know how to spoil meat lovers!

Ambush-Pan European Dining
Image From Ambush-Pan European Dining

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake (S$8.00) was for dessert – and all my friends have tried it except me. They were too sated to want dessert, so I took it unto myself to make sure I finished the lava cake this time.

I loved the chocolatey goodness of breaking the lava cake apart. It was an amazing end to the treat at Ambush, Junction 8, Singapore!

Ambush Ambush-Pan European Dining Singapore is one of the places that keep me positive about not having to spend too much on good food! I’m sure all the other customers of Ambush Singapore would agree with me, too!

What was your experience at Ambush-Pan European Dining, Singapore? Share your thoughts!


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