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Allauddin Briyani – Simply Good !

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Allauddin’s Briyani – Simply Good !

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We started with their Roti Prata but quite disappointed with the standard, the curry gravy was a discernible thick layer of oil and packed with powdery feel and weird taste.  However, we have a completely opinion for their Chicken Briyani, we realized the portion of serving here is relatively huge and with additional egg, it costs us $5 per plate, reasonable if for two to share.

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Briyani rice usually uses the long grain rice or Basmati rice, the rice here was not as grainy as other Briyani stalls that we have tried before; the rice was much gooey and gelatinous, sounded revolting? Don’t judge the book by the cover, the Basmati rice was saturated with the flavours from the cinnamon, cumin seed, cardamom, ground turmeric and many others spice, it was simply delightful and tantalizing in taste. The starchier and soggy rice was somehow fully absorbed the essence of all the spices and the less pleasant of the rice texture was instantly made irrelevant.

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The chicken was equally impressive, the meat was tender and well seasoned, a perfect marriage with the rice.

Overall, Allauddin Briyani lives up to its name to be the Briyani specialist, making a distinct difference from the rest for the flavoursome and salivating rice, we think they reserve to be name as one of the best Chicken Briyani in town.

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Allauddin’s Briyani

Address: Tekka Market And Food Centre, 665 Buffalo Road, Stall #01-297

Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 08:00-15:00


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