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AJ Delights Pte Ltd – Muffins

AJ Delights Pte Ltd

Whenever you come across a company registration ends with Pte Ltd, we are much stereotype them to be in the office, factory or something more sizable in physical, but a bakery stall operated out of a Hawker centre named themselves AJ Delights Pte Ltd instantly stands out among the rest and definitely deserves our attention.

AJ Delights Muffin 3

AJ Delights is founded by two passionate home bakers – Amy and Jerry. The stall sells varieties of muffins, we ordered the double chocolate, Oreo chocolate chip, Almond Walnut double chocolate, Apple cinnamon streusel, Walnut streusel double chocolate and Walnut banana vanilla, other flavours available are Blue berry, Double joy, Honey oat, Lemon rasins, Mocha walnut streusel, Passion fruit, Prune cherry, Say “cheese”, Walnut banana double chocolate. Cookies and cold bean curd can be found on the shelves as well. They do accept advance on order for their classic brownie if you are a brownie lover. The price about 1.50 per piece which is very reasonable for the size of the muffin you get, sometime they do have the promotion of buy 5 get one free that further make the deal even more attractive.

AJ Delights Pte Ltd

AJ Delights Muffin 2


If you think good muffins can only be obtained from the good hotels, café or restaurants, AJ Delights is here to swing your opinion. The muffins are prepared and baked to perfection with the finest quality ingredients and masterfully work by the chef baked freshly every morning. Every muffin we tried was a reflection of great craftsmanship, the right moist, ideal sweetness, perfect texture and superiorly flavourful. We ordered different flavour of muffins and instantly that stirred up the spat in our taste buds, with so much of the goodness packed with each of the muffin; it was so difficult to distinguish the best one out of it.

AJ Delights Muffin 4


You will be impressed with the richness of chocolate in the double chocolates, enticing aroma of the all time best sellers Apple cinnamon streusel, the mesmerizing of the Walnut banana vanilla and the goodness go on.

We regretted to buy just six muffins; the glutton and finicky family had to start a big fight for the muffins in order to have a good taste of each muffin, perhaps this is the best mandate we can present to AJ Delights.

AJ Delights Muffin 5

Overall, we are delightful to find a gem in our food hunt and we have to agree with them on the muffin and the slogan on their signboard…..One is never enough!

AJ Delights Muffin 1

AJ Delights Pte Ltd

Address: Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1

#01-82, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120

Telephone: 97525973




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