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Ah Kwang Kway Chap Review @Tampines

Ah Kwang Kway Chap Review @Tampines 阿光粿汁猪什汤

Ah Kwany Kway Chap 3

Ah Kwang Kway Chap originated from Toa Payoh and shifted to a coffeeshop in Tampines to continue the kway chap legacy.

The stall has attracted our attention with its snakelike queue whenever we pass by the coffeeshop. The queue can start as early as 11am during the weekends and our curiosity finally caused us to join the line.

Ah Kwany Kway Chap 2

We ordered the braised meat, eggs, tau kwa or braised beancurd, salted preserved veggie and a bowl of kway chap. Unfortunately we are not big fans of pig innards and admittedly, the high cholesterol present in this part of the pig held us back for the challenge. We wanted to try the pig organ soup but the stall obviously has not made the dish available on the day of our visit. In the end we left with the kway chap.

Ah Kwany Kway Chap 1

The dishes we tried were generally acceptable in term of taste and texture. However, perhaps it is what the standard can go, overall, it didn’t leave on us a deep impression. The kway chap’s texture was generally smooth, the broth cooked with the braised sauce was light with indistinctive herbal flavour.

Ah Kwany Kway Chap 4

Of course, it is not too fair to seal the fate of Ah Kwang Kway Chap with the omission of the key ingredients especially the pig skin and intestines.

Our verdict 

There may not be much hype with Ah Kwang Kway Chap, but the accolades displayed at the stall continue to draw the crowd and the fans of the stall.

Ah Kwang Kway Chap

A: Food Park, 823A Tampines Street 81, Singapore 521823

H: 7am – 3pm daily, closed on Mondays



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